05/07/17: Letter grades in the course are distributed as follows:
A+ : 6
A : 29
A- : 33
B+ : 24
B : 32
B- : 33
C+ : 42
C : 60
D : 35
E : 34

05/07/17: Please do not contact the TAs, Dylan and Ryan, about the grades for the course (or indeed anything else about the course). Their jobs as TAs for the course have ended.

05/07/17: The final exams have been graded. An adjusted final exam score is shown in the grade book on Blackboard. The adjusted final exam score replaces the midterm test score when it is higher.
The computation of letter grades is in the works, and they should be posted on Monday 05/08/17. Once posted, grades are final, and not open for discussion.
There will be a time announced in this news posting for you to look at your final exam. This will likely be in early June, as I will be on another continent for most of the month of May.

04/23/17: The last lecture covering new material (from Sipser 5.1) is on 04/25/17. In the class period on 04/27/17, Ryan will hold an exam review and take questions. Prof. Colbourn will have his last regular office hour on 04/25/17. Recitations will run all week for the last week, and there is a final quiz (13) due at the end of the week.

04/06/17: The example for a 3-tape Turing machine that accepts strings encoding binary addition are here. This was discussed in class today.

03/16/17: It has come to my attention that on the midterm test multiple choice questions, there is an error in the statement of the construction. This error technically makes the (e) answer incorrect, and the (c) answer correct. The grades have been altered now to accept either the (c) or (e) answers as correct, so some students will see that their multiple choice grade has increased by 1 point.

03/11/17: Prof. Colbourn will not be holding his office hour on 03/14, but will hold his regular office hours on 03/16.

03/11/17: Midterm exam papers will be returned on 03/14 in class. If you do not pick it up then, you can collect it during Prof. Colbourn's office hours starting 03/16. See the sample solutions for comments about the paper.

02/22/17: A note from Disability Resources: A notetaker is needed for this class. In exchange for providing this service, the selected notetaker will be paid a stipend of $25.00 per credit, i.e. total of $75 for a 3 credit class OR if preferred, awarded a letter of community service at the end of the semester. If you take clear, concise notes and are willing to share a copy, visit the DRC's web page and click on any of the DRC Connect links on the page and click "sign up as a notetaker".
Prospective notetakers, see the Disability Resource Center Website at https://eoss.asu.edu/drc to access the DRC Connect web portal.

02/21/17: The test on 27 February covers all material up to and including Chomsky normal form for context-free grammars,

02/14/17: Rooms are posted on the syllabus page for the midterm test. If you have not already made an arrangement with DRC, or notified the instructor of a conflict, you are expected to write the midterm at the assigned time.
A Scantron sheet and pencil will be provided. You will need to complete the answers to 40 multiple choice questions on the Scantron sheet provided. This is a portion of the exam only.
Here is some information about completing the Scantron sheets at the midterm.
Guidelines for Students:

02/05/17: Homework 2 is posted on the syllabus page.

01/19/17: Homework 1 is posted on the syllabus page. Answers for part 1 are to be submitted on Blackboard, each submission in a separate PDF file, by 01/29/17 midnight. Answers for part 2 are to be submitted on Blackboard by 02/05/17 midnight.

01/17/17: Quiz 1 is posted on Blackboard and is to be completed by 01/21/17 at 6:00 pm.

12/31/16: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.