Due on 07 February 2008, start of class

CSE 420 Homework One

All exercises are from CAQA, the course text.
  1. In addition to the SPECratio at www.spec.org, imagine that we have found another ratio, the CEPSratio, that is calculated by the same method. We want to `average' these two to get an overall performance metric. If n programs are involved in calculating the SPECratio, and m are involved in calculating the CEPSratio, but we do not know the individual execution times for these programs, how can we calculate the proper performance ratio for the n+m programs? Explain.
  2. Suppose for this problem that we have six programs A-F. The execution times of these programs on the reference machine are (in seconds): A:2; B:5; C:10, D:4, E:2.5, F:25. The execution times of these programs on the target machine are (in seconds): A:1; B:2; C:5, D:2, E:0.5, F:1. What is the performance ratio (SPECratio) for the target machine? Explain your calculation.

    Now suppose that the six programs are not run equally often. Indeed suppose that for every time that A is run, we run B, C, and D twice; E three times, and F five times. How should we calculate a performance ratio for this revised program mix? Explain not only how to do it, but why it is the right way to do it.

  3. CAQA (the course text) 1.8.
  4. CAQA (the course text) 1.9.
  5. CAQA (the course text) 1.4.