10/23/14: I had mentioned setting up times to talk with grad students briefly about their project plans. It appears that I will be able to meet some students on 10/28 between 1:00 and 2:15, maybe fifteen minutes each. So if you want to have a meeting soon, please send me an email to save a slot!

10/23/14: Midterms will be returned on Monday 10/27 along with a sample solution. Graduate students can have earned 27% of their final grade; undergraduates can have earned 36% of their final grade. To get an indication of what your grades mean so far, compute your grade as a percentage -- the midterm is worth 2.5 times what a homework is worth. If your percentage grade is over 90, you are in the A+ range. If your percentage is between 70 and 89, you are in the A range. If your percentage is between 50 and 69, you are in the B-/B/B+ range. If your percentage is between 35 and 49, you are in the C range. If your percentage is below 35, you are in the D/E range.

I fully expect that (1) some students will do better on the final than the midterm, and so replace their midterm grade; (2) many students will do better on the remaining homeworks; and (3) for graduate students, an excellent project can make a real difference. So this is just a guideline to interpreting your current grade, and of course there is a lot still to come.

10/17/14: Note change in date out and date due for Homework #4; I did not want it to overlap the midterm time.

9/25/14: Because we did not yet cover the material for the fourth question on Homework 2, it is not to be done for Homework 2, but instead as part of Homework 3.

9/12/14: Homework 2 is posted, due in class on 29 September.

8/27/14: Homework 1 is posted, due in class on 15 September.

4/25/14: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.