CSE 550 Fall 2014 
Combinatorial Algorithms and Intractability

CSE 550 is a graduate course on combinatorial algorithms. Topics include: shortest paths and minimum spanning trees, linear programming, bipartite matching and covers, network flows, general matching, NP-completeness and intractability, cliques and colourings, and integer programming.

Students are expected to have completed CSE 450 or equivalent with a grade of B or better.

CSE550 does not fulfil any deficiency requirement for CSE 355 for the graduate programs.

CSE 550:  Combinatorial Algorithms and Intractability  
Class Meeting Time:
    MW 12:00-1:15 

    BYAC 270


Office Hours:


Office Hours:

    Randy Compton
    Office:  Centerpoint 114 
    Tuesdays 1:00-2:00, Thursdays 12:00-1:00
CSE 450 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms)
Special Needs: If you are entitled to extra accommodation for any reason (such as a disability), we make every reasonable attempt to accommodate you. However, it is your responsibility to discuss this with the instructor at the beginning of the course. 
Academic Honesty: Work in this course, unless explicitly stated in writing to the contrary, is to be an effort by the individual student. It is not acceptable to use work other than your own without full attribution and acknowledgment. While you are welcome to discuss problems with others, it is not acceptable to discuss solutions with them. If in doubt about anything related to academic integrity, see the instructor.
Required Text: Alexander Schrijver, A Course in Combinatorial Optimization, 2013, pdf available online.