CSE 552 Class News and Announcements:


11/18/10: There seems to be some confusion about where in the Vazirani text to find the problems on Homework 3. They are in the sections labeled "Exercises" at the end of Chapter 1 and the end of Chapter 2.

11/09/10: The meetings on projects went very well -- keep me in the loop about your progress. Because Thursday is Veteran's Day, there is no class or office hour. And I will be out of town on Monday 15 November, but don't hesitate to email me.

11/03/10: Homework 3 is posted, due 23 November.

10/22/10: The take-home midterm is posted on the syllabus page.

10/21/10: Although I do not have notes on the covering array material that we discussed in class, I do have some notes on a related problem on perfect hash families, so I am posting them here.

10/20/10: I will be out of town next week (10/25-10/29), so there will be no class on 10/26 or 10/28, and no office hour on 10/25 and 10/28. To replace these classes, I would like to schedule brief meetings with each student to discuss possible project topics. I will discuss this in class on 10/21.

10/10/10: My office hour for Monday 10/18/10 will not happen but I will hold one on Tuesday 10/19/10 from 2:00-3:00.

10/10/10: My office hour for Monday 10/11/10 will not happen but I will hold one on Tuesday 10/12/10 from 2:00-3:00.

10/07/10: As discussed in class, please remember to think about possible project topics -- now is the time to get started, and I am happy to discuss your ideas in selecting a suitable topic.

10/06/10: Here are some notes on random walks and Markov chains.

09/14/10: Here are some notes for the second group of lectures.

09/13/10: First homework is posted -- see the syllabus page.

09/06/10: I expect to hand out the first homework assignment on 09/14/10.

08/25/10: Here are some notes for the first few lectures.

08/17/10: Due to a change in teaching assignments, I will be teaching this course instead of Professor Konjevod. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. The course was on the schedule as CSE 591, but has now been assigned its proper permanent number, CSE 552.