CSE 552 Class News and Announcements:


11/03/13: Midterm grades and outlines of solutions are posted.

11/03/13: Homework 3 is posted -- note due date change to 25 November.

11/02/13: Notifications about who is allowed to do a project, assuming they requested one, have been emailed.

10/25/13: I have added clarifications at the beginning of the midterm.

10/23/13: The midterm exam is posted.

10/23/13: Solutions for homework 2 are posted.

10/21/13: To clear up issues that remained with the wording of question 3 on homework 2, I have posted yet another version -- hopefully this one is more clear.

10/21/13: My usual office hour on 10/24 will instead be on 10/25 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

10/10/13: Homework 2 due date is changed to 10/23. I have reworded part of question 3 to clarify what it is asking. I have added a comment to question 2, and a hint for question 4.

10/02/13: Homework 2 is posted.

09/09/13: Homework 1 is posted.

08/01/13: This page will be updated with class news as it becomes available.