CSE 552 Fall 2013
Randomized and Approximation Algorithms Syllabus
This document is available at http://www.public.asu.edu/~ccolbou/src/552syllabusf13.html

CSE 552 is an advanced course in the design and analysis of algorithms. It treats two main topics:
  1. Randomization: the power of randomization, the design of randomized algorithms, the analysis of randomized algorithms using `basic' probability.
  2. Approximation: the effective solution of NP-hard optimization problems to approximate the correct answer within a specified accuracy, the design and analysis of such algorithms.

The grading for the class is as follows:


General Course Information:

Students may discuss homework assignments with their classmates; however all work turned in is expected to be that of the individual. If you have any questions regarding appropriate collaboration please see the instructor.