04/27/13: The take-home final exam is posted, due 03 May at noon. Unfortunately I will not be at class on Tuesday 04/30 because of a death in the family, but Mike has kindly agreed to come to the last class period to answer general questions.

03/21/13: Homework 4 is posted.

03/02/13: There will be no class on 19 March, and homework 3 is now due on 21 March.

02/26/13: Homework 3 is posted, due 19 March.

02/26/13: Homework 2 is graded and will be returned on Thursday -- sorry for the delay on my part.

02/26/13: The midterm will be returned on 05 March.

02/21/13: The midterm test is posted now, due Monday at noon.

02/05/13: Homework 1 solutions are posted, and the graded solutions will be handed back on Thursday in class.

01/30/13: Homework 2 is now posted, due 14 February.

01/29/13: Homework 1 solutions will be available soon.

01/14/13: Homework 1 is posted, due 29 January.

12/28/12: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.