Table for CAN(4,k,4) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Sat Oct 13 09:40:14 MST 2018

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;4,k,4) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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5256Derive from strength 5
6340simulated annealing (CKRS)
7384CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
8416CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
9448Derive from strength 5
12496CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
17508CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
18703CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
207482-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
21760SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
22870CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
23890CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
24895CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
27943CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
30991CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
3110002-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
331012CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
361129CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
391170CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
401198CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
411225CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
4212402,2-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
431250CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
501264CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
511300CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
521342CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
531359CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
541385CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
551390CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
581414CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
591425CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
601433CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
611454CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
621469CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
641500CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
661516CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
711531CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
721572CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
731576CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
741581CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
751589CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
761593CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
771602CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
781608CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
791612CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
801620CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
811625CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
821636CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
831644CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
841654CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
851658CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
861671CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
871681CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
881692CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
901712CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
911720CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
921729CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
931735CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
941747CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
951760CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
961769CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
971780CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
991782CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
1001818CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
1171844CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
4621848Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
5582232Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
6142452Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
6542612Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
6782708Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
7022804Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
7342932Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
7583028Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
7743092Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
7983188Cyclotomy (Colbourn)
9663219CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
12003404CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
13203583CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
16563627CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
18003629CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
19283687CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
24003714CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
26073805CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
36004019CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
48004179CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
54004225CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
72004410CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
84004877CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
100005101CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)