Table for CAN(5,k,13) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Fri Sep 15 07:41:46 MST 2017

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,13) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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14371293orthogonal array
15711828extended OA (Colbourn)
16714025Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
17740389Tri-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
19742573SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
281085305Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
291111669Tri-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
301113853SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
311113877CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
411428037Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
471456585Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
521482949Tri-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
541484977Path-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
721799317Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
801827865Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
891856413SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
901856461CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
1062142049Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
1192170597Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
1382199145Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
1532227693SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
1802513329Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
2032541877Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
2372570425Quad-Restricted SCPHF RE (C)
2642598973SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
2722599045CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
4452970253SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
4462970337CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
6623341533SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
6634706377Add 1 factors
6645681845Add 2 factors
6656024577Add 3 factors
6756367309Add 13 factors
6767732153Add 13 factors
6778707621Add 13 factors
6789050353Add 13 factors
6889393085Add 13 factors
7749653316perfect hash family3,990,661T216
7759653400perfect hash family3,990,661T215
99110024596perfect hash family3,991,662
99211632800Add 1 factors
104511881008perfect hash family4,1045,445
104611881344perfect hash family4,1046,446
114812509592Power N-CT41^2T13
118912535956Power N-CT41^2T12
123012538140Power N-CT41^2T11
127112538164Power N-CT41^2T10
132012623568perfect hash family4,3125,625T361
136012623640perfect hash family4,3125,625T353
136312764340Power N-CT47^2T18
141012766524Power N-CT47^2T17
145712766548Power N-CT47^2T16
168112852324Power N-CT41^2
222512994848perfect hash family4,3125,625T180
223012994932perfect hash family4,3125,625T179
226613326252Power N-CT53^2Arc(5)T6
230913328280Power N-CT53^2Arc(4)T6
235313330308Power N-CT53^2Arc(3)T6
239813332336Power N-CT53^2Arc(2)T6
244413334364Power N-CT53^2T6T1
249113336392Power N-CT53^2T6
250613352616Power N-CT53^2Arc(6)
255413354644Power N-CT53^2Arc(5)
260313356672Power N-CT53^2Arc(4)
265313358700Power N-CT53^2Arc(3)
270413360728Power N-CT53^2T1T1
275613362756Power N-CT53^2T1
281013364784Power N-CT53^2+1
312513366128perfect hash family4,3125,625
312615315036Add 1 factors
336415848928Power N-CT73^2Arc(9)T21
349215850956Power N-CT73^2Arc(9)T19
369215877476Power N-CT71^2T19
383415879504Power N-CT71^2T17
383516050792Power N-CT73^2Arc(2)T19
388816079340Power N-CT73^2T19T1
410816105860Power N-CT79^2T27
426616107888Power N-CT79^2T25
458016165296Power N-CT73^2Arc(9)T2
504216193844Power N-CT71^2+1
504316336584Power N-CT73^2Arc(4)
511316365132Power N-CT73^2Arc(3)
518416393680Power N-CT73^2T1T1
568816422228Power N-CT79^2T7
624216450776Power N-CT79^2+1
640816650612Power N-CT89^2T17
712016679160Power N-CT89^2T9
792116707708Power N-CT89^2
792216708140Power N-CT89^2+1
801018707208Power N-CT97^2T8T7
810018707256Power N-CT97^2T7T7
824018964248perfect hash family9,10609,103T23
916718992796perfect hash family9,10609,103T14
927018992844perfect hash family9,10609,103T13
1000019221180perfect hash family9,12769,113T24