Table for CAN(5,k,20) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Sat Jul 28 12:53:06 MST 2018

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,20) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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63200000Derive from strength 6
73542088Augment OA
83724074Augment OA
93912858Augment OA
104107924Augment OA
114308646Augment OA
124514148Augment OA
134723668Augment OA
144935798Augment OA
155150374Augment OA
165365126Augment OA
175578956Augment OA
185789958Augment OA
195996736Augment OA
206197616Augment OA
246436337orthogonal array fuse fuse fuse
269765615orthogonal array fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse
2814348893orthogonal array fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse
2918371790Martirosyan-TVT variant
43190291594-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
46192968333-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
47193084712-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
4819308977SCPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
72251856614,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
81254654794-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
87257331533-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
88257447912-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
9025745297SCPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
136316219814,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
155319017994-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
171321694733-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
175321811112-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
17832181617SCPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
18132181705CPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
228377784834,4,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
259380583014,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
299383381194-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
332386057933-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
342386174312-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
34438617937SCPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
34538618047CPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
430442148034,4,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
493444946214,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
564447744394-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
648450421133-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
654450537512-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
65645054257SCPHF Random Extension (CLS) fuse fuse fuse
785506511234,4,4-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse fuse
78664346323Add 1 factors
78772455523Add 2 factors
78875495523Add 3 factors
78979112858Add 4 factors
79079425541Add 5 factors
79292628883Add 23 factors
79992640521Add 23 factors
80192663797Add 23 factors
80492675435Add 23 factors
80592687073Add 23 factors
80792698711Add 23 factors
80892815091Add 23 factors
809106510291Add 23 factors
817111236773Martirosyan-TVT variant
819111333993Martirosyan-TVT variant
865111863422Martirosyan-TVT variant
867112009252Martirosyan-TVT variant
913112283202Martirosyan-TVT variant
915112429032Martirosyan-TVT variant
961113474762Martirosyan-TVT variant
1001114775390Martirosyan-TVT variant
1005115504540Martirosyan-TVT variant
1013115553188Martirosyan-TVT variant
1019115622214Martirosyan-TVT variant
1025115642630Martirosyan-TVT variant
1033115691284Martirosyan-TVT variant
1037115739938Martirosyan-TVT variant
1039115788592Martirosyan-TVT variant
1041115837246Martirosyan-TVT variant
1057116372440Martirosyan-TVT variant
1067117045529Martirosyan-TVT variant
1105117316274Martirosyan-TVT variant
1107123992060Martirosyan-TVT variant
1196127014051perfect hash family20,2116,23T10
1288127226181perfect hash family20,2116,23T9
1380127440757perfect hash family20,2116,23T8
1472127655509perfect hash family20,2116,23T7
1564127869339perfect hash family20,2116,23T6
1656128080341perfect hash family20,2116,23T5
1748128287119perfect hash family20,2116,23T4
1840128487999perfect hash family20,2116,23T3
2116128726417perfect hash family20,2116,23,c fuse fuse fuse
2117128726720perfect hash family20,2117,24
2197130025049Power CT23^3T10T10T10
2366130237179Power CT23^3T10T10T9
2548130449309Power CT23^3T10T9T9
2744130661439Power CT23^3T9T9T9
2940130876015Power CT23^3T9T9T8
2964131088597Power CT23^3T11T10T4
3150131090591Power CT23^3T9T8T8
3211131298117Power CT23^3T10T10T4
3276131303469Power CT23^3T10T9T5
3332131304597Power CT23^3T9T9T6
3375131305167Power CT23^3T8T8T8
3380131498997Power CT23^3T10T10T3
3458131510247Power CT23^3T10T9T4
3528131515599Power CT23^3T9T9T5
3570131519173Power CT23^3T9T8T6
3600131519919Power CT23^3T8T8T7
3640131711127Power CT23^3T10T9T3
3724131722377Power CT23^3T9T9T4
3780131730175Power CT23^3T9T8T5
3825131733749Power CT23^3T8T8T6
3840131734671Power CT23^3T8T7T7
3887131737718Power CT23^3T10T10
3920131923257Power CT23^3T9T9T3
3990131936953Power CT23^3T9T8T4
4050131944751Power CT23^3T8T8T5
4080131948501Power CT23^3T8T7T6
4096131949423Power CT23^3T7T7T7
4186131949848Power CT23^3T10T9
4200132137833Power CT23^3T9T8T3
4275132151529Power CT23^3T8T8T4
4284132158757Power CT23^3T9T6T5
4320132159503Power CT23^3T8T7T5
4508132161978Power CT23^3T9T9
4522132365535Power CT23^3T9T6T4
4560132366281Power CT23^3T8T7T4
4590132373333Power CT23^3T8T6T5
4608132374255Power CT23^3T7T7T5
4830132376554Power CT23^3T9T8
4845132580111Power CT23^3T8T6T4
4864132581033Power CT23^3T7T7T4
4896132588085Power CT23^3T7T6T5
4913132590913Power CT23^3T6T6T6
5175132591130Power CT23^3T8T8
5184132799087Power CT23^3T7T5T5
5244132801266Power CT23^3T11T4
5382132804008Power CT23^3T10T5
5474132805136Power CT23^3T9T6
5520132805882Power CT23^3T8T7
5681133010786Power CT23^3T10T4
5796133016138Power CT23^3T9T5
5865133019712Power CT23^3T8T6
5888133020634Power CT23^3T7T7
5980133211666Power CT23^3T10T3
6118133222916Power CT23^3T9T4
6210133230714Power CT23^3T8T5
6256133234464Power CT23^3T7T6
6348133240867Power CT23^3T11
6440133423796Power CT23^3T9T3
6555133437492Power CT23^3T8T4
6624133445466Power CT23^3T7T5
6647133448294Power CT23^3T6T6
6877133450387Power CT23^3T10
6900133638372Power CT23^3T8T3
6992133652244Power CT23^3T7T4
7038133659296Power CT23^3T6T5
7406133662517Power CT23^3T9
7429133866074Power CT23^3T6T4
7452133870298Power CT23^3T5T5
7935133877093Power CT23^3T8
8464134091845Power CT23^3T7
8993134305675Power CT23^3T6
9522134516677Power CT23^3T5
10000134723455Power CT23^3T4