Table for CAN(5,k,9) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Wed Jun 6 17:38:18 MST 2018

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,9) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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1059049orthogonal array
11110808extended OA (Colbourn)
141115374-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
151173693-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
16118089SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
221705774-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
241764093-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
25177129SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
322230654-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
352296174-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
382354493-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
392360972-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
502821054-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
552886574-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
602944893-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
612951372-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
703345934-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
773411454-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
863476974-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
913535293-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
923541772-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
95354289CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
1103936334-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1184001854-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1334067374-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1474125693-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1494132172-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
151413337CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
1674526734-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1844592254-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
2144657774-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
2244716093-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
2294722572-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
231472385CPHF Random Extension (CLS)
2545117134-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
2835182654-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
3245248174-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
3535306493-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
3555312972-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
374531369SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
4055707534-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
4455773054-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
4835838574-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
5425896893-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
5465903372-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
568590409SCPHF Random Extension (CLS)
6296297934-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
6906363454-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
7556428974-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
756882585Add 1 factors
7571028385Add 2 factors
7581080873Add 3 factors
7641133361Add 9 factors
7651373049Add 9 factors
7661518849Add 9 factors
7671571337Add 9 factors
77216090873-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL) fuse fuse
7731623825Add 9 factors
8111769064perfect hash family3,811,542
8131770360perfect hash family3,816,545T3
8241770504perfect hash family3,849,567T25
8281771152perfect hash family3,849,567T21
8501771224perfect hash family3,850,568
8551849272perfect hash family3,942,629T87
8591849920perfect hash family3,942,629T83
8811849992perfect hash family3,942,629T61
8851862376perfect hash family3,1032,689T147
8891863024perfect hash family3,1032,689T143
9111863096perfect hash family3,1032,689T121
9181875480perfect hash family3,1131,755T213
9221876128perfect hash family3,1131,755T209
9441876200perfect hash family3,1131,755T187
9721902480perfect hash family3,1032,689T60
10331909032perfect hash family3,1033,690
10661922136perfect hash family3,1131,755T65
11311928688perfect hash family3,1131,755
16202414192perfect hash family4,3125,625T301
17652420024perfect hash family4,3125,625T272
17752420672perfect hash family4,3125,625T270
18702420744perfect hash family4,3125,625T251
20252460128perfect hash family4,3125,625T220
22252466680perfect hash family4,3125,625T180
24152473232perfect hash family4,3125,625T142
27102479064perfect hash family4,3125,625T83
27302479712perfect hash family4,3125,625T79
28402479784perfect hash family4,3125,625T57
31252519168perfect hash family4,3125,625
32452644560Power N-CT59^2T4
32462648448Power N-CT61^2Arc(2)T6
33002649096Power N-CT61^2T6T1
33552649744Power N-CT61^2T6
34822650392Power N-CT59^2+1
34832653632Power N-CT61^2Arc(4)
35412654280Power N-CT61^2Arc(3)
36002654928Power N-CT61^2T1T1
36602655576Power N-CT61^2T1
37212656224Power N-CT61^2
37562964672Power N-CT71^2Arc(9)T11
38182965320Power N-CT71^2Arc(9)T10
40202971224Power N-CT67^2T7
40872971872Power N-CT67^2T6
40932998080Power N-CT71^2Arc(4)T10
41513004632Power N-CT71^2Arc(3)T10
43143004776Power N-CT71^2Arc(9)T2
44923011328Power N-CT67^2+3
45013017880Power N-CT71^2Arc(8)
45653024432Power N-CT71^2Arc(7)
46303030984Power N-CT71^2Arc(6)
46963037536Power N-CT71^2Arc(5)
47633044088Power N-CT71^2Arc(4)
48313050640Power N-CT71^2Arc(3)
49003057192Power N-CT71^2T1T1
51103063744Power N-CT73^2T3
53333070296perfect hash family9,5333,77
57793109608Power N-CT79^2Trin2,2,2
59293116160Power N-CT79^2T2T2
63913122712Power N-CT83^2T6
68923129264Power N-CT83^2+3
71473164256Power N-CT89^2Trin3,3,3
73963170088Power N-CT89^2T3T3
76543175920Power N-CT89^2T3
79233181752Power N-CT89^2+2
79243187584Power N-CT89^2+3
79273188592perfect hash family9,7927,95
79353267280perfect hash family9,8536,96S7
80183306624perfect hash family9,8536,96S6
81023345968perfect hash family9,8536,96S5
81873385312perfect hash family9,8536,96S4
82003423784Power N-CT97^2Trin2,5,6
84673423896Power N-CT97^2Trin2,2,6
85603424544Power N-CT97^2Trin2,2,5
88393424656Power N-CT97^2Trin2,2,2
90253464000Power N-CT97^2T2T2
93743496752perfect hash family9,11881,109T23
99193502584perfect hash family9,11881,109T18
100003503232perfect hash family9,11881,109T17