Table for CAN(6,k,4) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Sun Jul 29 04:37:25 MST 2018

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,4) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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74096orthogonal array
85632CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
97128CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
117936CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
128188CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
13120284-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1412223CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
1514527CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
16161204-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
1716372CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
1816381CPHF Sim Annealing (TJ-IM)
1919568CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
20204043-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
2121034CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
2221512CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
2322548CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
2423499CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
2524305CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
3027241CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
3530054CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
4032407CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
4535245CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
5036902CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
5538751CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
6039782CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
6541988CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
7043113CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
7543981CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
8045345CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
8546260CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
9046814CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
10049521CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
15055432CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
21060720CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
22461942CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
22584118Add 1 factors
25090294CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
30092609CPHF 3-stage (IM-TJ-AJ-AG)
301114785Add 1 factors
302132833Add 2 factors
303142049Add 3 factors
304145121Add 4 factors
305167297Add 4 factors
306184798Add 6 factors
307194561Add 4 factors
308197633Add 4 factors
309219809Add 4 factors
310237310Add 6 factors
332242876perfect hash family4,332,210
339246542perfect hash family4,353,224T14
353247764perfect hash family4,353,224
354269940Add 1 factors
361273938Power CT19^2
362285642Power CT19^2+1
363294462Power CT19^2+2
364301154Power CT19^2+3
369303195perfect hash family5,515,223T73
478303595perfect hash family5,478,210
489308483perfect hash family5,515,223T13
516309705perfect hash family5,516,224
529315658Power CT23^2
530328972Power CT23^2+1
531337032Power CT25^2Arc(4)
550337463Power CT25^2T3
552337693Power CT25^2T2T1
553337838Power CT25^2Arc(3)
575338499Power CT25^2T2
576338644Power CT25^2T1T1
600339450Power CT25^2T1
625340256Power CT25^2
626371600Add 1 factors
638375631Power CT29^2T7
667376667Power CT29^2T6
696377618Power CT29^2T5
725378424Power CT29^2T4
842381360Power CT29^2+1
843409490Power CT31^2Arc(4)
871412303Power CT31^2Arc(3)
900415116Power CT31^2T1T1
960417929Power CT32^2T2
1027420742Power CT32^2+3
1039441919Power CT37^2Arc(10):5 twos,0 ones
1097444272Power CT37^2Arc(8):4 twos,0 ones
1159446625Power CT37^2Arc(6):3 twos,0 ones
1225448978Power CT37^2T2T2
1295451331Power CT37^2T2
1372453684Power CT37^2+3
1381470712Power CT41^2Arc(8)
1415473550Power CT41^2Arc(7)
1450476388Power CT41^2Arc(6)
1486479226Power CT41^2Arc(5)
1523482064Power CT41^2Arc(4)
1561484902Power CT41^2Arc(3)
1600487740Power CT41^2T1T1
1720490578Power CT43^2T3
1851493416Power CT43^2+2
1857509986Power CT47^2Arc(8):4 twos,0 ones
1939511643Power CT47^2Arc(6):3 twos,0 ones
1960512119Power CT49^2T9
2025513300Power CT47^2T2T2
2205514957Power CT49^2T4
2402516614Power CT49^2+1
2500538802Power CT53^2T3T3
2650540651Power CT53^2T3
2811542500Power CT53^2+2
2964549432Power N-CT67^2Trin7,7,12
3229550463Power N-CT67^2Trin7,7,7
3494552669Power N-CT67^2Trin2,7,7
3600553794Power N-CT67^2T7T7
3784554875Power N-CT67^2Trin2,2,7
3900556000Power N-CT67^2T7T2
4099557081Power N-CT67^2Trin2,2,2
4225558206Power N-CT67^2T2T2
4355559331Power N-CT67^2T2
4492560456Power N-CT67^2+3
4501564796Power N-CT71^2Arc(8)
4565565664Power N-CT71^2Arc(7)
4630566532Power N-CT71^2Arc(6)
4696567400Power N-CT71^2Arc(5)
4763568268Power N-CT71^2Arc(4)
4831569136Power N-CT71^2Arc(3)
4900570004Power N-CT71^2T1T1
5110570872Power N-CT73^2T3
5331571740Power N-CT73^2+2
5341585380Power N-CT79^2Trin4,4,4
5625586744Power N-CT79^2T4T4
5925588108Power N-CT79^2T4
6242589472Power N-CT79^2+1
6400599537Power N-CT83^2T3T3
6640600452Power N-CT83^2T3
6891601367Power N-CT83^2+2
6901606907Power N-CT89^2Trin4,4,4
7120607100Power N-CT89^2T9
7225607461Power N-CT89^2T4T4
7565608015Power N-CT89^2T4
7922608569Power N-CT89^2+1
7998635142Power N-CT101^2Arc(13)T11
8790637849Power N-CT101^2Arc(13)T2
9412643760Power N-CT97^2+3
9421673315Power N-CT101^2Arc(8)
9515679226Power N-CT101^2Arc(7)
9610685137Power N-CT101^2Arc(6)
9706691048Power N-CT101^2Arc(5)
9803696959Power N-CT101^2Arc(4)
9901702870Power N-CT101^2Arc(3)
10000708781Power N-CT101^2T1T1