Table for CAN(6,k,16) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Fri Mar 27 17:29:25 MST 2015

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,16) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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1716777216orthogonal array
1824137567orthogonal array fuse
1939866207Add 1 factors
2047045875orthogonal array fuse fuse fuse
2167108816perfect hash family4,21,16,c
2367108860perfect hash family4,23,17
3279691776double OA (Colbourn-Zhou)
3480736256double OA (Colbourn-Zhou)
35100370688Martirosyan-TVT variant
37160442836Add 1 factors
39167772150perfect hash family10,39,17
40184549216perfect hash family11,40,16,c
44184549365perfect hash family11,44,17
50201326580perfect hash family12,50,17
53218103795perfect hash family13,53,17
60234881010perfect hash family14,60,17
80251658016perfect hash family15,80,16,c
85251658225Power CT17^2Tlev
256268435216perfect hash family16,256,16,c
289268435440Power CT17^2
290348975120Add 1 factors
291386695440Add 2 factors
292417169680Add 3 factors
293432898320Add 4 factors
305448626960Add 16 factors
306488223952Add 17 factors
512536870416perfect hash family32,512,16,c
513536870880perfect hash family32,513,17
514657658320Add 1 factors
515717681360Add 2 factors
516754974675perfect hash family45,516,17
517775004880Add 4 factors
520790180096Add 16 factors
522790241536Add 16 factors
523790302976Add 16 factors
528790733056Add 16 factors
529790733520Add 16 factors
545835108204Martirosyan-TVT variant
547854807852Martirosyan-TVT variant
577870838988Martirosyan-TVT variant
5791005309094Martirosyan-TVT variant
5911144012748Add 16 factors
5931144800428Add 16 factors
5941155003124Add 16 factors
6201162730724Power N-CT31^2T11
6511182793665Power N-CT31^2T10
7131182793709Power N-CT31^2T8
9621195376625Power N-CT31^2+1
9641211043825Power N-CT31^2+3
10241275068400Power CT32^2
10261291780080Power CT32^2+2
10271455882720Add 1 factors
10281526723040Add 2 factors
10291571942880Add 3 factors
10401586688480Add 16 factors
10421603400160Add 16 factors
10431665021200Add 17 factors
10451818471708Add 19 factors
10561879048080perfect hash family112,1056,17
10581915020240Add 16 factors
10721952526285Power N-CT37^2Arc(9)
11012002983645Power N-CT37^2Arc(8)
11312053441005Power N-CT37^2Arc(7)
11622103898365Power N-CT37^2Arc(6)
14252147483520perfect hash family128,1425,17
49132281701345Power CT31^3T14T14T14
52022289061696Power CT31^3T14T14T13
55082296422047Power CT31^3T14T13T13
58322303782398Power CT31^3T13T13T13
61202319330355Power CT31^3T14T13T11
61562319511038Power CT31^3T13T13T12
64802326690706Power CT31^3T13T13T11
66472332032989Power CT31^3T14T14T8
70382339393340Power CT31^3T14T13T8
92482344615905Power CT32^3T15T15
97922351976256Power CT32^3T15T14
100002359336607Power CT31^3T13T13