Table for CAN(3,k,3) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Mon Feb 8 08:33:16 MST 2016

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;3,k,3) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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427orthogonal array
633Chateauneuf-Kreher NRB
739SAT Local Search (Hnich et al.)
842cross-sum (CKRS)
1445Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
1651Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
1758Torres Jimenez
2059simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
2266Cyclic (Colbourn)
2369Cyclic (Colbourn)
2471simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
2672simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
2875Chateauneuf-Kreher doubling
3281Chateauneuf-Kreher doubling
3488Chateauneuf-Kreher doubling
4089Chateauneuf-Kreher doubling
4693Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
4795Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
4897Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
4999Cover starter (Colbourn, Torres-Jimenez)
52102simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
59103simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
60104simulated annealing (AG-TJ-H)
61105two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
63107two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
65108two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
66109two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
67110two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
68111two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
69112two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
70113two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
71114two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
73115two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
75116two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
79117two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
83118two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
84119two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
85120two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
87123two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
89124two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
92125two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
96126two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
98127two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
105128two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
121129two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
125130two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
127131two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
128132two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
129133two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
130134two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
146139two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
147140two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
148141two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
171145two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
180146two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
213162two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
231163two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
234164two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
240168two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
252169two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
284176two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
302177two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
307178two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
333179two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
342180two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
378183two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
395190two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
410191two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
413192two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
414193two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
450197two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
472199two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
500200two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
540203two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
577216two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
650222two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
671223two-stage SA (TJ-AG-I)
702225Power CZ3-13.4-6.1-9.1
1014228Power CZ3-13.5-6.1
1352234Power CZ3-13.5-8.1
1521237Power CZ3-13.5-9.1
1690240Power CZ3-13.5-10.1
2028246Power CZ3-13.5-12.1
2198249Power CZ3-14.6
2744264Power CZ3-16.3-14.1-14.1-14.1
3136270Power CZ3-16.4-14.1-14.1
3584276Power CZ3-16.5-14.1
4096282Power CZ3-16.6
4097300Add a factor
4352303Power CZ3-17.4-16.1-16.1
4608306Power CZ3-19.3-16.1-16.1-18.1
4788308Power CZ3-19.4-14.1-18.1
4864312Power CZ3-19.4-16.1-16.1
4896313Power CZ3-19.3-16.1-17.1-18.1
5472314Power CZ3-19.4-16.1-18.1
5776320Power CZ3-19.5-16.1
5814321Power CZ3-19.4-17.1-18.1
6498322Power CZ3-19.5-18.1
6859328Power CZ3-19.6
6860330Power CZ3-20.6
6861348Add a factor
7040349Power CZ3-23.3-16.1-20.1-22.1
8000350Power CZ3-23.3-20.1-20.1-20.1
8800357Power CZ3-23.3-20.1-20.1-22.1
8860358Power CZ3-23.1-22.4-20.1
9200360Power CZ3-23.4-20.1-20.1
9260361Power CZ3-23.2-22.3-20.1
9680364Power CZ3-23.3-22.2-20.1
9746365Power CZ3-23.1-22.5
10000367Power CZ3-23.4-20.1-22.1