Table for CAN(5,k,19) for k up to 10000

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,19) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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bytes used=102004024, alloc=52026056, time=34.21
202476099orthogonal array
214821877extend by one factor
405823291Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
4110391385extend by one factor
4210832451Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
4812302837Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5014061405Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5214064179Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5414066953Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5614069727Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5814322161Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6014324935Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6214327709Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6414330483Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
7214413703Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
7414463635Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
7614513567Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8014680463Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8121470873extend by one factor
8223194895Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8423635961Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
36224760981linear hash family
36331551391extend by one factor
72238069589Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72438537445Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72645327855Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
76051846053Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
79855785569Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
80056304473Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
87456695607Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
91256929535Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
137258232901linear hash family
143860832121Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
144460882053Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
144861466873Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
145268257283Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
147874775481Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
151874825413Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
152074836509Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
156884827715Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
159684866551Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
160085854427Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
174886245561Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
182486479489Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
274487818981Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
287690418201Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
288890468133Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
289691052953Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
290497843363Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
2956104361561Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3036104411493Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3040104422589Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3136114413795Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3192114452631Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3200115440507Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3496115831641Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3648116065569Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5488117405061Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5752120004281Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5776120054213Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5792120639033Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
10000122289091Power 23^3