Table for CAN(5,k,20) for k up to 10000

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,20) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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76240000extend by one factor
246436340fuse symbols
269765620fuse symbols
4813488390Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5018929176Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5218932500Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5425334060Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5625636544Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5828289665Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6028292989Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6228296313Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6428625389Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6628643913Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
6828647237Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
7028650561Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
7828717041Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8028780197Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8228843353Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8428906509Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8628969665Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
8829032821Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
9629095977Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
9837958319Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
10038041419Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
10438044743Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
10847493751Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
11247796235Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
11650449356Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
12050452680Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
12450456004Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
12850785080Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
13250803604Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
13650806928Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
13850810252Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
14051114252Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
14451180732Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
15054532484Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
15654609073Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
16054672229Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
16454735385Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
16854798541Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
17254861697Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
17654924853Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
18454988009Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
19255291971Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
53064363391linear hash family
53177829451extend by one factor
53291295511extend by one factor
105893658467Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
106094100711Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
1062107566771Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
1064121032831Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
2210121395502linear hash family
10000135163120Power 23^3