Table for CAN(6,k,14) for k up to 10000

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,14) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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1716777214fuse symbols
1824137566fuse symbols
1936064754extend by one factor
2047045876fuse symbols
2367108853perfect hash family
2876658460Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
3480051208Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
36101600240Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
37133545244extend by one factor
38165490248extend by one factor
39167772131perfect hash family
41184549344perfect hash family
42218103770perfect hash family
43234880983perfect hash family
46235968072Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
48248554559Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
85251658196perfect hash family
289268435409Power 17^2
290331205935extend by one factor
291404526819extend by one factor
292479530839extend by one factor
513536870817perfect hash family
514631496803extend by one factor
515726821669extend by one factor
516754974586perfect hash family
517850299452extend by one factor
544868528849Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
576904374213Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
578991141721Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5801091892539Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
5821196775863Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
9641200768106linear hash family
10261280819313Power 34^2
10271412766037extend by one factor
10281544712761extend by one factor
10291676659485extend by one factor
10301808606209extend by one factor
10561879047857perfect hash family
13692003178646linear hash family
13702137502654extend by one factor
14252147483265perfect hash family
14262281807273extend by one factor
14282365587034perfect hash family
17282415918673perfect hash family
100002481587418Power 31^3