Table for CAN(6,k,2) for k up to 10000

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,2) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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764orthogonal array
10150Greedy (Kuliamin)
11178paintball (Kuhn)
12190paintball (Kuhn)
13221Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
14241Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
15266paintball (Kuhn)
16270paintball (Kuhn)
17276paintball (Kuhn)
18312Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
19327Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
20342Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
21357Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
22370Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
23385Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
24394Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
25410Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
26431Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
27443Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
28452Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
29474IPOG-F (NIST)
30475Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
31489IPOG-F (NIST)
32500IPOG-F (NIST)
34508Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
35528IPOG-F (NIST)
36535IPOG-F (NIST)
37541Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
38552IPOG-F (NIST)
39559IPOG-F (NIST)
40566IPOG-F (NIST)
41572IPOG-F (NIST)
42579IPOG-F (NIST)
43590IPOG-F (NIST)
44594IPOG-F (NIST)
45603IPOG-F (NIST)
46611IPOG-F (NIST)
47617IPOG-F (NIST)
48625IPOG-F (NIST)
49630IPOG-F (NIST)
50636IPOG-F (NIST)
51643IPOG-F (NIST)
52650IPOG-F (NIST)
53656IPOG-F (NIST)
54662IPOG-F (NIST)
55667IPOG-F (NIST)
56672IPOG-F (NIST)
57677IPOG-F (NIST)
58683IPOG-F (NIST)
59689IPOG-F (NIST)
60695IPOG-F (NIST)
61699IPOG-F (NIST)
62703IPOG-F (NIST)
63709IPOG-F (NIST)
64715IPOG-F (NIST)
65721IPOG-F (NIST)
66725IPOG-F (NIST)
67728IPOG-F (NIST)
68732IPOG-F (NIST)
69738IPOG-F (NIST)
70743IPOG-F (NIST)
71747IPOG-F (NIST)
72751IPOG-F (NIST)
73755IPOG-F (NIST)
74761IPOG-F (NIST)
75766IPOG-F (NIST)
76770IPOG-F (NIST)
77773IPOG-F (NIST)
78777IPOG-F (NIST)
79782IPOG-F (NIST)
80785IPOG-F (NIST)
81791IPOG-F (NIST)
82794IPOG-F (NIST)
83796IPOG-F (NIST)
84800IPOG-F (NIST)
85804IPOG-F (NIST)
86809IPOG-F (NIST)
871041extend by one factor
881273extend by one factor
891505extend by one factor
901737extend by one factor
1211771Power 11^2
1221891Power 12^2
1692201Power 13^2
1702401Power 14^2
2562691Power 16^2
2892751Power 17^2
2903095extend by one factor
3613261Power 19^2
3623411Power 20^2
3633561Power 21^2
3643691Power 22^2
5293841Power 23^2
5303931Power 24^2
6254091Power 25^2
6264301Power 26^2
7294421Power 27^2
7304511Power 28^2
8414731Power 29^2
8424741Power 30^2
9614881Power 31^2
10244991Power 32^2
10265071Power 34^2
10275271Power 35^2
12965341Power 36^2
13695401Power 37^2
13705511Power 38^2
13715581Power 39^2
13725651Power 40^2
16815711Power 41^2
16825781Power 42^2
18495891Power 43^2
18505931Power 44^2
18516021Power 45^2
18526101Power 46^2
22096161Power 47^2
68596195Power 19^3
68606480Power 20^3
68616765Power 21^3
68627012Power 22^3
100007297Power 23^3