Table for CAN(6,k,4) for k up to 10000

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,4) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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74096orthogonal array
910248Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1011266paintball (Kuhn)
1113882Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1214888paintball (Kuhn)
1316880paintball (Kuhn)
1418416Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1520256Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1621562Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1722779Greedy (density) (Colbourn)
1825212IPOG-F (NIST)
1926392IPOG-F (NIST)
2027534IPOG-F (NIST)
2128625IPOG-F (NIST)
2229640IPOG-F (NIST)
2330636IPOG-F (NIST)
2431591IPOG-F (NIST)
2532501IPOG-F (NIST)
2633369IPOG-F (NIST)
2734187IPOG-F (NIST)
2835006IPOG-F (NIST)
2935791IPOG-F (NIST)
3036570IPOG-F (NIST)
3137305IPOG-F (NIST)
3238015IPOG-F (NIST)
3338695IPOG-F (NIST)
3439356IPOG-F (NIST)
3540002IPOG-F (NIST)
3640638IPOG-F (NIST)
3755806extend by one factor
3870974extend by one factor
3986142extend by one factor
40101310extend by one factor
41116478extend by one factor
42131030Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
44132600Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
46134124Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
48135571Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
50148382Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
52150840Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
54152135Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
56153407Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
58154633Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
60157859Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
62161026Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
64178743Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
66179792Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
68180828Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
70204327Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72205317Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
74220842Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
169236307Power 13^2
170257811Power 14^2
171283571Power 15^2
256301855Power 16^2
289318893Power 17^2
290352955Power 18^2
361369475Power 19^2
362385463Power 20^2
363400737Power 21^2
364414947Power 22^2
529428891Power 23^2
530442261Power 24^2
625455001Power 25^2
626467153Power 26^2
729478605Power 27^2
730490071Power 28^2
841501061Power 29^2
842511967Power 30^2
961522257Power 31^2
1024532197Power 32^2
1025541717Power 33^2
1026550971Power 34^2
1027560015Power 35^2
1028568919Power 36^2
1029638891extend by one factor
1030708863extend by one factor
1031778835extend by one factor
1369781271Power 37^2
1370860135extend by one factor
10000923023Power 27^3