Table for CAN(4,k,6) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Wed Sep 11 17:10:53 MST 2013

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;4,k,6) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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51296Derive from strength 5
61656cross-sum (CKRS)
71844orthogonal array fuse postop NCK
81976orthogonal array fuse postop NCK
92768Density (Bryce-Colbourn) postop NCK
103208Density (Bryce-Colbourn) postop NCK
113671Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
123944Density (Bryce-Colbourn) postop NCK
134027Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
144080Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
154132Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
164203Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
174259Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
184315Walker-Colbourn fuse postop NCK
195422Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
205584Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
215743Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
225895Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
236062Density Cyclic (Colbourn) postop NCK
246180Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
256330Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
266456Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
276606Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
286714Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
296852Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
306966Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
317092Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
327200Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
337320Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
347410Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
357506Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
367614Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
377716Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
387812Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
397902Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
407992Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
418094Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
428184Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
438256Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
448352Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
458436Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
468508Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
478586Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
488670Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
498760Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
508826Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
518910Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
528982Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
539054Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
549120Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
559186Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
569264Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
579306Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
589390Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
609516Density Cyclic (Colbourn)
6510398IPOG-F (NIST)
6610463IPOG-F (NIST)
6710520IPOG-F (NIST)
6810578IPOG-F (NIST)
6910633IPOG-F (NIST)
7010693IPOG-F (NIST)
7110745IPOG-F (NIST)
7210798IPOG-F (NIST)
7310850IPOG-F (NIST)
7410909IPOG-F (NIST)
7510958IPOG-F (NIST)
7611012IPOG-F (NIST)
7711057IPOG-F (NIST)
7811110IPOG-F (NIST)
7911158IPOG-F (NIST)
8011203IPOG-F (NIST)
8111253IPOG-F (NIST)
8211303IPOG-F (NIST)
8311353IPOG-F (NIST)
8411397IPOG-F (NIST)
8511441IPOG-F (NIST)
8611484IPOG-F (NIST)
8711533IPOG-F (NIST)
8811577IPOG-F (NIST)
8911625IPOG-F (NIST)
9011666IPOG-F (NIST)
9111710IPOG-F (NIST)
9211753IPOG-F (NIST)
9311790IPOG-F (NIST)
9411833IPOG-F (NIST)
9511874IPOG-F (NIST)
9611913IPOG-F (NIST)
9711956IPOG-F (NIST)
9811997IPOG-F (NIST)
9912038IPOG-F (NIST)
10012085IPOG-F (NIST)
10112120IPOG-F (NIST)
10212148IPOG-F (NIST)
10312194IPOG-F (NIST)
10412231IPOG-F (NIST)
10512267IPOG-F (NIST)
10612306IPOG-F (NIST)
10712343IPOG-F (NIST)
10812376IPOG-F (NIST)
10912408IPOG-F (NIST)
11012445IPOG-F (NIST)
11112483IPOG-F (NIST)
11212517IPOG-F (NIST)
11312553IPOG-F (NIST)
11412585IPOG-F (NIST)
11512621IPOG-F (NIST)
11612651IPOG-F (NIST)
11712685IPOG-F (NIST)
11812716IPOG-F (NIST)
11912749IPOG-F (NIST)
12012785IPOG-F (NIST)
12112816IPOG-F (NIST)
12212850IPOG-F (NIST)
12312883IPOG-F (NIST)
12412913IPOG-F (NIST)
12512945IPOG-F (NIST)
12612970IPOG-F (NIST)
12713006IPOG-F (NIST)
12813036IPOG-F (NIST)
12913062IPOG-F (NIST)
13013096IPOG-F (NIST)
13113127IPOG-F (NIST)
13213157IPOG-F (NIST)
13313192IPOG-F (NIST)
13413215IPOG-F (NIST)
13513246IPOG-F (NIST)
13613276IPOG-F (NIST)
13713304IPOG-F (NIST)
13813333IPOG-F (NIST)
13913361IPOG-F (NIST)
14013390IPOG-F (NIST)
14113414IPOG-F (NIST)
14213439IPOG-F (NIST)
14313470IPOG-F (NIST)
14413496IPOG-F (NIST)
14513522IPOG-F (NIST)
14613555IPOG-F (NIST)
14713582IPOG-F (NIST)
14813607IPOG-F (NIST)
14913634IPOG-F (NIST)
15013653IPOG-F (NIST)
15113685IPOG-F (NIST)
15213710IPOG-F (NIST)
15313738IPOG-F (NIST)
15413764IPOG-F (NIST)
15513786IPOG-F (NIST)
15613812IPOG-F (NIST)
15713838IPOG-F (NIST)
15813862IPOG-F (NIST)
15913886IPOG-F (NIST)
16013908IPOG-F (NIST)
16113932IPOG-F (NIST)
16213956IPOG-F (NIST)
16313983IPOG-F (NIST)
264815888Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
276816608Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
297817862Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
302018114Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
326019560Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
327219626Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
332019914Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
333219992Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
334420058Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
346420778Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
350020994Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
358421498Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
360821642Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
363221786Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
364421858Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
369222146Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
372822362Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
382422938Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
384823082Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
390823442Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
393223586Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
394423658Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
400424018Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
402824162Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
604324172Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
660726428Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
928327849Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
973929217Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
988329649Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
993129793Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)
1000030297Cyclotomy shift (Colbourn)