Table for CAN(5,k,17) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Fri Sep 20 11:41:02 MST 2013

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;5,k,17) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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181419857orthogonal array
202476095orthogonal array fuse fuse
244259537perfect hash family3,24,17,c
254259568perfect hash family3,25,18
365595907Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
398519057perfect hash family6,39,17,c
428519136perfect hash family6,42,18
489938897perfect hash family7,48,17,c
519938992perfect hash family7,51,18
5511358737perfect hash family8,55,17,c
6311358848perfect hash family8,63,18
7112778577perfect hash family9,71,17,c
7812778704perfect hash family9,78,18
8814198417perfect hash family10,88,17,c
21614198560Power N-CT19^2Arc(10)
22615254798Power N-CT19^2Arc(9)
28915618257perfect hash family11,289,17,c
29015618416Power CT17^2+1
29220884880Add 2 factors
30721592226Power N-CT19^2Arc(3)
32422648464Power N-CT19^2T1T1
34223704702Power N-CT19^2T1
36224760940Power N-CT19^2+1
36431385500Add 2 factors
43231663442Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
45232719680Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
57833083139Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
58033453218Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
58236125618Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
58438719682Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
61239427028Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
61439921124Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
64645339698Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
64845751088Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
68048036914Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
68249088768Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
68449116194Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72050176464Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72252020224Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
72452215152Martirosyan-Tran van Trung
74454622690Power N-CT31^2T7
77554622721Power N-CT31^2T6
104455959060Power N-CT37^2Arc(10)
107258553124Power N-CT37^2Arc(9)
110161147188Power N-CT37^2Arc(8)
113163741252Power N-CT37^2Arc(7)
116266335316Power N-CT37^2Arc(6)
119468929380Power N-CT37^2Arc(5)
123470825678Power N-CT41^2Trin2,5,5
129670825757Power N-CT41^2T5T5
133273419821Power N-CT41^2T5T4
133673748828Power N-CT41^2Trin2,2,5
140473748907Power N-CT41^2T5T2
147673748986Power N-CT41^2T5
151776343050Power N-CT41^2T4
152176672057Power N-CT41^2T2T2
159976672136Power N-CT41^2T2
168276672215Power N-CT41^2+1
500078750069Power CT25^3TD(6,5) trunc 5
540080533511Power CT25^3TD(6,5) trunc 1
550080533542Power CT25^3TD(5,5) trunc 5
583280931216Power CT23^3T5T5T5
648081987454Power CT23^3T5T5T3
650082317015Power CT25^3TD(4,5) trunc 5
720083043692Power CT23^3T5T3T3
745283770896Power CT23^3T5T5
777683771454Power CT25^3T7T7T1
810083771485Power CT25^3T7T7
828084827134Power CT23^3T5T3
864084827692Power CT25^3T7T5T1
900084827723Power CT25^3T7T5
920085883372Power CT23^3T3T3
960085883930Power CT25^3T5T5T1
1000085883961Power CT25^3T5T5