Here's a picture of Daisy from September 1975, on the back of my aunt and uncle's couch.

Here's a picture of Fritz from July 1985 -- He didn't normally wear the choke collar, though. (It's just there so that he looks like "a real dog.")

Here are some pictures of Willy and Tobi (shown here at ages 3 and 7), who reside with my parents in Lincoln, NE

Here is a more recent picture of them (shown at ages 6 and 10).

Sadly, Tobi is no longer with us. (He went blind March 1999, and we had him put to rest this fall.)
Here are some more pictures of Willy (fall 2000 (not much light); age 7).

``Willy want a cookie?''

``Willy wanna go for a walk?''

Willy with his favorite human: (July 2003)

In November of 2004, my parents "adopted" a female puppy named Katie. Here are four pictures of her (the first three from December 2004, the last one from March 2006).

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