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The Comeaux Endowment established the “Comeaux Lecture.” The purpose of this lecture is to bring in a “Big Name” geographer to give an evening lecture early in the Spring Semester. Departmental members, the university community, as well as Friends, are all invited. Here are the lectures presented since the series was created in 2002.

2017: “Big Data for Healthy Places: Building Healthier Environments Through Opportunistic GIScience” by Harvey Miller

2016: "How important is urban air temperature?" by Evyatar Erell

2015: "Paleorecords of Tropical Fires: Disentangling Anthropogenic and Natural Drivers" by Sally Horn

2014: "Governance struggles: regulating resource extraction and development in Latin America" by Tony Bebbington

2013: "What is the World's Oldest Map?" by Keith Clarke

2012: "A New View of the Irish Famine through Geographic Information Science and Geographically Weighted Regression" by Stewart Fotheringham

2011: "The Pacific Ocean, Drought and Societal Impacts in Asia, Polynesia and the Southwest" by Glen MacDonald

2010: "Mobility, Place-making, and Economic Competitiveness" by Robert Cervero

2009: "Does it Matter Where You Live? Neighborhoods and Health" by Barbara Entwisle

2008: "Immigrants in a Globalizing World: Internatinal Flows and local outcomes" by William Clark

2007: "Scale and Sustainability" by Thomas J. Wilbanks

2006: "Dangerous Times, Dangerous Places" by Susan L. Cutter

2005: "Whither Geography: Humboldt's Dream and Sustainability Science" by Robert W. Kates

2004: "Trade, Fragmentation and Economic Security: a Spatial Perspective" by Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

2003: "Augmenting Geographic Reality" by Michael F. Goodchild

2002: "The Wellsprings of American Regional Landscape Identity" by Michael P. Conzen