What's social network analysis?

In a nutshell, social network analysis is a way of conceptualizing, describing, and modeling social collectivities as sets of entities (people and/or groups) linked to one another by specific characteristics like perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and traits.

Communication networks are examples of social network analysis that many people can relate to. You can use the demo page to map your own personal communication network. Make up a list of names of your friends, and add your own name to the list. Go through the list systematically. Find every pair where people on the list talk to one another a significant amount (you decide what that means; be consistent). Enter the names for these pairs on the demo page (follow the "fruits" example on that page for format).

If you'd like to learn more about social network analysis, see the journal Social Networks, and the International Network for Social Networks Analysis (INSNA) web site, and Lin Freeman's Gateway to Social Network Analysis.

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Last update: 8/6/96