Albrecht Dürer: Man, Myth, Milieu

The seminar explored the art and writings of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) as well as the vast literature on this renowned German painter and printmaker, including fiction, tourist literature, and other forms of commercial or propagandistic appropriations. The topics addressed ranged from an investigation of Dürer's personal or professional relationships, his sexuality, his education or engagement with contemporary issues in science and literature, his notions of self, his religiosity, his representations of racial and ethnic Otherness, his reception by nineteenth and twentieth-century artists, his reception by art historians, his refashioning through the pens of writers of historical fiction, to his use in constructions of German nationalism.

ASU graduate student Vanessa Chrzan investigates the contexts and meanings of Dürer's self-portrait of 1500 in Germany.
©2004 by Corine Schleif