Photography for the Geese Book Project


Don Spangler (below), photographer from Dayton, and project co-director Volker Schier received special permission from the Morgan Library to photograph the entire 660 folios of the manuscript using high resolution digital and analog cameras. For the first time ever the entire two volumes were photographed in color. The very large size of the two volumes posed many problems that had to be solved before flying to New York: Normal copy equipment is not designed for a book of this size. The careful assistance and supervision of the Morgan staff assured the book's safety during the procedure.

The Geese Book displays a great amount of detail. High resolution zoomable images permit the study of minute details only visible with the use of a magnifying glass.



Every effort was made to ensure a perfect color temperature of the lighting in order to record images with the closest possible color match to the original. In the case of the digital images the camera was carefully calibrated to the light quality of the studio flash system used







In post processing, the analogue ektachromes were converted to digital files using a high resolution scanner in order to retain the resolution and prevent any image degradation. Some of the resulting file sizes are as large as 340 megabytes.












In May 2004 co-directors Volker Schier and Corine Schleif met with media designers Geeske Bakker, Arjan den Boer, Jan de Rode, and Wessel Spoelder in St. Lorenz church in Nuremberg to shoot 360-degree images employing new digital panaorama technology.

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