New National Lupus Awareness Campaign

New National Lupus Awareness Campaign

"Get into the loop" Campaign to Create Lupus Brand Identity

The Lupus Foundation of America is promoting a new national lupus awareness campaign using the theme, "Get into the loop." The centerpiece of the campaign is a bright orange loop to symbolize the circle of knowledge that individuals at risk for lupus must possess. The purpose of this symbol is to create a brand identity for lupus, like the red ribbon for AIDS awareness, or the pink ribbon for breast cancer.

D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, the advertising firm which created such marketing icons as Mr. Whipple and the original Budweiser Frogs, created the campaign for the SLE Foundation, the LFA's New York City chapter. We would like to thank the SLE Foundation for their work in developing this outstanding campaign. The loop campaign will include a 30-second television commercial that urges those at risk for lupus (especially young women of color) to "Get into the loop" and contact the Lupus foundation for more information. The campaign also will include radio, print, transit, and outdoor advertising.

The LFA has established a new national toll-free telephone information number for the campaign: 877-LFA-LOOP (877-532-5667). Callers will be sent a brochure that answers basic questions about lupus, including common symptoms, health effects, current treatments, and information about the services and programs of the Lupus Foundation of America and its local chapters. To date, the Lupus Foundation of America has invested $100,000 in the campaign.

The loop campaign's primary message is that lupus is a widespread, little-recognized, and potentially fatal disease affecting mostly young women. Please call your local LFA chapter to find out how you and your friends can obtain your orange loops.

Source: "Lupus News - The Official Newsletter of the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.,
Volume 20, Number 2, 2000"

Graphic provided by The Lupus Foundation of America

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