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: The Mark of an Educated Person

Writer Rodger Dean Duncan wrote an article entitled "What's the Mark of an Educated Person?" for a national magazine.  As part of his research for the article, he asked several prominent people this question.  Their replies may provide you with some food for thought:

"You aren't really educated unless you can honestly evaluate opinions contrary to your own. To do that you must give the other idea a fair trial. We often say we've changed our minds when we've merely rearranged our prejudices." - Norman Rockwell

"An educated person has a sense of time, of sequence and simultaneity of events; a sense of place, where he is in relation to the rest of the world." - Margaret Mead

"An educated person thinks with precision, reads with understanding, and writes and speaks with clarity. He recognizes and appreciates beauty. He has the perspective that comes from a breadth of knowledge and understanding, and the self-discipline to apply himself or herself to do well in the work of the world. Finally, an educated person is guided by an ethic, philosophy, or religious belief that gives direction and meaning and a sense of inner peace to life." - Dallin Oaks

"There are decencies and proprieties. The educated person may not be that concerned about proprieties - whether he scratches in public or whether he wears old clothes. He is distinguished by his treatment of all others as human beings, whether they are above him or below him in ability or stature." - Joyce Brothers

"Maturing wisdom implies less dogmatism in all matters except moral considerations. Educated people become more and more convinced in their moral judgments that the old-fashioned yardsticks of right and wrong are not elastic."

- Paul Harvey