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-- Start log: Thursday, March 6, 2003 5:18:28 pm CATH CDDC MOO time --

DanG drops Generic Recorder and Player (recording).
TaraM leaves for La Galleria
TaraM arrives from La Galleria
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DanG say, "blah"
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DavidL [to DanG]: "are you using a Mac?"
DanG nods.
TaraM say, "hmmm...wonder if this is going to work"
JerryF arrives from La Galleria
DanG say, "yes David"
DanG say, "let's start. I wanted to check in and make sure you all have been able to access the mid term exam, either online or from my office door"
CallenS says, "I did"
William say, "yes""
BrookeC says, "yes, online"
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BethanyL says, "yep"
TaraM say, "yes, online"
DavidL says, "yup""
JerryF says, "got it"
Chrissy arrives from La Galleria
SolomonR says, "ill get it after this""
Chrissy says, "yes""
You hear a quiet popping sound; DanG has disconnected.
William say, "uh oh"
CallenS says, "oh no..."
Chrissy says, "where does he keep going?"
BrookeC says, "poor Dan!"
DavidL says, "prof is dead""
William wonders if dan can stay on the boat
Chrissy says, "ha!!""
TaraM say, "its the mac"
DanG has connected.
DanG say, "moved to a pc"
DavidL [to DanG]: "drop the Mac"
Chrissy says, "damn macs""
DanG say, "well, we all have our down days"
StephanieM says, "mac is whack"
Chrissy says, "i love macs, though""
SolomonR says, "we should use this as an advertisement for windows""
JerryF says, "I am at home and I'm getting some lag here, anyone else experiencing lag?"
DanG say, "so one more time, everyone got the exam?"
DavidL says, "or linux""
TaraM say, "yes"
DavidL says, "yup""
BrookeC says, "yes, online"
Chrissy says, "yup""
CallenS says, "I did"
BethanyL says, "yah"
DanG say, "okay, any questions about it?"
CallenS says, "not yet..."
JerryF says, "about the exam you mean?"
DanG say, "and no, I can't give you the answer to number 3"
DanG say, "yes, questions about the exam"
TaraM say, "not yet"
BrookeC shakes head no
DanG say, "good. i thought we'd start with our Calvino discussion by having each of us say what we like/hate about it"
William hated the ending
BethanyL says, "hated the beginning."
DanG say, "it's okay to all 'speak' at once"
BrookeC says, "I loved the introduction although the assumptions about buying the book were way off in this case"
StephanieM says, "loved the beginning. very funny"
TaraM say, "I felt like I was on a bad date....where the other person talked all night about people I didn't know"
DanG say, "good comment Tara"
BethanyL laughs
CallenS says, "I like the way it's neverending, yet a narrative within it has an intro and close"
SolomonR says, "but you got to have sex with two people while reading the book""
SolomonR says, "if that's not a great date, what is?""
DanG say, "why's that Solomon?"
TaraM say, "after forcing myself through it, I ended up enjoying the chaos....a little"
DanG say, "well, let's stop on that comment, what about the narrative is chaotic?"
DanG say, "and where do we get some slowing down of the chaos?"
BethanyL says, "I found it hard to place all the characters in the narrative"
Chrissy says, "I like the way we were aware that it was a novel and how he kept trying to make the writing and audience part of each other>"
JerryF says, "I connected with the text. It was easy reading because it felt like it was an extension of my thought process."
CallenS says, "the non-closure is internally chaotic for me."
DanG say, "good chrissy, also good jerry"
William say, "I think the narrative slows down with Silas Flannery's diary""
TaraM say, "I felt that the male reader went to lengths to find out about the end of the books that were unrealistic"
SolomonR says, "yeah, the diary integrates alot of things""
DanG say, "I agree William"
DanG say, "for example, Solomon"
William say, "In which Calvino juxtaposes the idea of 'productive' and 'tormented' writers""
SolomonR says, "well, the reader actually connects with a writer, for instance""
TaraM say, "I liked that part"
Chrissy says, "me too""
William say, "and all the possible outcomes are explained as pat of the writing process"
DanG say, "hmm, yes. this is where Calvino really brings together notions of writing and reading, and how they interrelate"
William say, "the productive writer is a reader""
DanG say, "how can we distinguish between the male and female reader, how do they differ in their reading?"
TaraM say, "the idea that the girl reading could have or not have been reading Flannery's book was fun to contemplate"
DanG say, "and what is our own position as readers of this text?"
William say, "I think the female reader is much more interested in a continuing story""
William say, "whereas the male is looking for an end""
DanG nods.
Chrissy says, "typical : )""
TaraM say, "the female wanted to keep the practice of reading pure....not spoiled by understanding the writing "
DanG notes "If anyone is having connection problems please let me know"\
William say, "exemplified by the wandering eyes in the library""
CallenS says, "yes, the process was the pleasure for her whereas he needed closure"
BrookeC finally understands
StephanieM says, "haha Brooke"
TaraM say, "she was a bit oblivious to reality though"
DanG say, "yet reading seemed like a way for her to deal with time...she was constantly reading several books at once, without really engaging with them"
SolomonR says, "she always redefines the type of book she wants to read""
DanG say, "based on what Solomon"
SolomonR says, "she always says, i want to read a book where such and such happens""
William say, "i think this is where calvino, especially on page 150, complicates the idea of the 'voyeur'"
TaraM say, "I read several different books at one time...I choose according to my mood"
DanG say, "Chrissy, expand on the typical comment....how is the idea of reading, gendered as it is here, reflective of female/male relationships?"
SolomonR says, "i noticed that at least in the earlier chapters the fictional inner books seemed to mimic the books that she wanted to read""
DanG say, "good catch Solomon"
William say, "on one level, I think it reflects that common perception that men climax once, but women can do so many times"
DanG say, "William, how is he complicating voyeurism, how many levels of voyeurism do we have here?"
William say, "i can't even begin to count"
Chrissy says, "I like that comment about the voyeur because the whole book gives the feeling of "watching""
SolomonR says, "yeah, there are tons""
DanG say, "have we lost some people here?"
SolomonR says, "especially in the Silas diary, where your whole previous position of reading is reversed""
DanG say, "Jerry, Bethany, David....r u still here?"
William say, "irenerio watching the female reader read is a doubled voyeurism, and then we are reading that"
StephanieM says, "not in the literal sense"
William say, "?"
DanG say, "remember i'm recording this"
BethanyL says, "here."
William cringes
DavidL says, "still here""
DanG say, "okay"
JerryF says, "here"
DavidL trying to read fast enough to keep up
DavidL confesses to being a slow reader
StephanieM says, "the reader of any book is in a sense a voyeur."
William say, "but I think on some level Calvino, too, is defining himself as a voyeur""
BrookeC says, "females tend to read for escapism, i.e.. romance novels. While males like to engage more actively in texts, i.e.. choose your own adventure"
DanG say, "one of the interesting things i was cognizant of, was the way in which Calvino weaves us as the book's readers into the narrative, use of pronouns, details, etc."
BethanyL says, "yah, I kept forgetting I was reading a novel."
DanG pats DavidL onna back. It's okay, slow readers are people too.
DavidL says, "does he use the pronouns as a mechanism to trick the reader into actively participating, instead of using the narrative as an escape""
DavidL says, "he meaning Calvino""
DanG say, "what did you think you were reading when you were forgetting your were reading a novel?"
William say, "but there are points where the use of pronouns is disrupted"
You hear a quiet popping sound; DanG has disconnected.
William say, "and we are aware that he is not speaking to a singular reader""
William reads the newspaper
DanG has connected.
TaraM say, "welcome back"
DanG whaps himself up side the head
BrookeC says, "see pg 141 for the novel becoming a novel according to calvino"
SolomonR says, "If anything, I was always acutely aware that I was reading a novel""
BrookeC says, "why is that?"
William say, "because of the addresses"
SolomonR says, "You are constantly reminded of it""
William say, "You, Reader"
BrookeC nods
William say, "(of a novel"
DanG say, "Brooke: that whole chapter is very important actually"
StephanieM says, " I felt like I was a blind person to whom things were being described"
BethanyL says, "Did anyone think Calvino was addressing them as the reader in the first chapter (vs. a fictional reader)?"
TaraM say, "if we are on the same page Brooke, I think that Calvino is implying that the reader is responsible for giving meaning to the text"
BrookeC nods again
DanG say, "well, right Tara, not all readings take place with text"
Chrissy says, "about the gender association,I noticed more details described....p.227 'olive colored photograph of a young an, surrounded be wreaths of flowers' taking note of surrounding while p.83 shows actions of people rather than what the environment is like. Sorry, delayed response.""
DavidL says, "doesn't the reader also give some originality to the text, since everything is just someone else's work?""
William say, "I think on page 153 is the explanation, the story begins with the real reader, his or her history, or their future""
JerryF says, "I did bethany, but I usually do"
William say, "not the 'explanation'. . ."
CallenS says, "I felt, too, that Calvino was addressing himself to a male reader. I felt out of place sometimes."
SolomonR says, "yeah, reading this as a female would be jarring""
DanG say, "I think he was doing that exactly, Bethany and Jerry, a device for tying us into the narrative, allowing us to engage, work through our own role in the narrative's development"
William say, "but the book, technically has an 'end', and so aligns itself with the male reader"
William say, "you 'finish' it"
CallenS says, "you're right. I wanted the narrative!"
DanG say, "why don't you all talk like this in class???"
DanG say, "or do I not give you an opportunity to do so?"
William laughs (quietly)
CallenS says, "because we're not being recorded?"
DanG say, "gosh, this is so meta-critical for a teacher"
William say, "at the first part"
BrookeC still feeling to insecure to say anything!
DanG say, "okay, i'll bring a video camera on tuesday"
William relieves brooke of her insecurity
DavidL [to BrookeC]: "i know how you feel"
Chrissy says, "NOOOOO!!!!""
TaraM hides
SolomonR says, "here you can interrupt people without interrupting...you can respond anytime you want and its not rude""
CallenS says, "NO"
DanG say, "you're right Solomon"
DanG say, "nah, i won't, don't worry"
Chrissy says, "i always think of things late""
TaraM say, "me too Chrissy"
DanG say, "David, can you reiterate what you mean by originality?"
BrookeC says, "or can't really describe what I'm thinking"
TaraM say, "and by the time I get through typing the subject has changed"
William say, "that's what calvino does. . ."
William say, "interesting. . . "
DanG say, "don't heed that in this space Tara, it's equally important to have this type of simultaneous threaded discussion in real time"
DavidL says, "sure... i think that Calvino engages the reader in order to give the text a feel of originality in the midst of the unoriginal""
DanG say, "okay, let's focus on David's statement for a moment"
William focuses
DanG say, "how is Calvino's text unoriginal"
BrookeC says, "What do you mean by unoriginal?"
CallenS says, "is this a kind of nouveau roman?"
Chrissy says, "it gets annoying sometimes, though. I would like him to stop addressing the reader as if he was standing over your shoulder.""
William say, "it is a text of "plagiarized" "false" texts"
TaraM say, "If he didn't address the reader, I think that the disconnect of the story would lose to many readers"
JerryF says, "that is Calvino's 'Game'"
DanG say, "so we have an authenticity and reliability issue"
DavidL agrees with William
William say, "not an issue. . ."
SolomonR says, "calvino seems to think we do""
CallenS says, "but they are all original - his stopping points are certainly original"
DanG say, "so he's creating a metanarrative of sorts?"
William say, "I think he is pointing to the fact that everything is intertwined"
William say, "yes"
Chrissy says, "right...but that is unoriginal, because writers who are making a point on their originality always use the cliche plot or story to make the originality that much more.""
William say, "lives, books, art. . ."
JerryF says, "I agree, william, everything intertwined, like traveling along a thread of a rhizome"
DanG say, "Jerry, how is this Calvino's Game?"
William say, "but the reading of a text creates a new experience, as in making love"
William say, "each time"
SolomonR says, "yes, he takes the concept of intertextuality to its conclusion, a conclusion that can be horrific for someone trying to make sense of a 'plot'""
BrookeC agrees with William
DavidL says, "the entire narrative portions are unoriginal, at least in their broad concepts""
TaraM say, "different every time..."
William say, "and there titles ask where the story is going to begin"
DavidL says, "so the only originality stems from the mind of the reader""
William thinks so
TaraM say, "isn't this a post structuralist idea...the text has a different meaning with each reading?"
SolomonR says, "not so much originality""
DanG say, "David do you mean the beginnings of the fictive novels, versus the Chapters in which the Readers' relationship develops?"
SolomonR says, "more like organization""
William say, "creative reordering"
DavidL says, "yes"
William say, "g"
JerryF says, "Well, in class you mentioned games that authors play - to be original, to set them apart - this is calvino's. I think every author tries to look for something 'original'"
DanG say, "this seems so fulfilling somehow"
CallenS says, "Calvino is addressing the reader, therefore utilization of imagination on the part of the reader is essential, engaging, and original"
DanG say, "exactly David and Callen, exactly"
TaraM say, "go Callen..."
BrookeC says, "possibly it's fulfilling b/c you have to go through frustration to get there"
William say, "but the quest for 'originality' involves an exploration of others"
William say, "texts, bodies, etc"
TaraM say, "others?"
William say, "sorry"
DavidL [to William]: "other who?"
DanG say, "good point, William, we need that juxtaposition in order for our imagination to run wild?"
TaraM say, "is this idea original: I have not run across this format before myself"
Chrissy says, "William...excellent point""
William say, "not anymore"
SolomonR says, "my imagination didn't run all that wild""
BethanyL says, "Do we really quest for originality? Don't we encounter it in a subjective sense just by living?"
DanG say, "the structure of Calvino's novel, Tara?"
William say, "it is written"
DanG say, "Bethany, how do we have originality in our lives?"
TaraM say, "yes...the novel"
DavidL says, "our lives are only as original as we allow ourselves... for the most part we live like unoriginal sheep""
CallenS says, "also, the collaboration of the subjects of the narratives crammed together creates original comparisons, ends, mindsets"
Chrissy says, "no...I think that we find that the more we live, the more we are like everyone else around us because we are educated by the same system, raised in gender roles...etc""
DanG say, "Tara, he's certainly in a league by himself, but we can find authors he's influenced, like Pynchon, DeLillo"
BethanyL [to DanG]: "By "have" do you mean encounter or create originality?
BrookeC says, "so just because things have happened before, our experiences are not original? Since we are individuals even the same occurrences will have different meanings"
JerryF says, "true bethany, but i think most authors and artists look to create something original that will 'WOW' the audience/reader/viewer - its like a motivation to be accepted or for achievement thing"
William say, "perpetual present. . ."
DanG say, "Bethany, i guess I'd mean both, can we really create something original?"
SolomonR says, "you can have an original experience on its own terms but as soon as you translate it into text it becomes unoriginal, or at least inauthentic""
Chrissy says, "it also addresses the point that we all know what calvino is talking about in the novel, because we are all unoriginal and have seen it several times. It is a matter of how we have attempt at being original.""
BrookeC says, "thanks solomon"
DanG say, "good solomon"
BethanyL says, "I disagree."
TaraM say, "...the cannel dug by other's words, which, as they are uttered by an alien voice, by the voice of that silent nobody made of ink and typographical spacing, can become yours..."
TaraM say, "that was Calvino"
SolomonR says, "unless of course, like calvino, you decide that you're going to write a text about writing texts and expose all this inauthenticity""
SolomonR says, "im not saying that texts are automatically inauthentic"
DanG say, "Is Calvino making a case for digital texts here?"
William say, "so, is this then like an 'ars poetica'?"
DanG say, "define 'ars poetica'"
SolomonR says, "but both the physical and conceptual parts of discourse are ripe for falsification, plagiarism, or even just getting lost""
Chrissy says, " I don't agree with solomon....I think our experiences are not orginal...just unique to the people/place/time""
William say, "writing poetry about the nature of the process"
William say, "to me"
SolomonR says, "yeah, this is ars poetica""
DanG say, "defined that way, then yes, i think we do have an ars poetica here"
DavidL agrees with Crissy
SolomonR says, "or, in literary terms, i think we say meta-narrative""
TaraM agrees with Chrissy too
SolomonR says, "i think""
CallenS says, "i think what we do with our experiences can be original - reactions, thoughts, actions"
William say, "i think it is a case for digit texts"
DanG say, "so originality begins and ends with the individual experience"
SolomonR says, "i think experiences become unoriginal in translation""
William say, "because it has a lot of traditional conventions"
William say, "even a beginning and an 'ending'"
SolomonR says, "no one can ever do exactly what you did until you tell them about it""
JerryF says, "digital texts maybe, open source maybe, socialistic literature probably, texts without authors or where the authors receive no credit, the author owns nothing"
DanG say, "from a purely material perspective, how do all of these texts within Calvino's text begin to fall apart?"
William say, "but in between we are sort of glided through a landscape that is constantly changing"
TaraM say, "i think that Solomon is on to something"
BrookeC says, "and sometimes not even then...can't duplicate exactly"
TaraM say, "fall apart?"
SolomonR says, "materially, through publication errors, technological backfires, fake dust jackets, plagiarism""
William say, "on page 193"
JerryF says, " I thought they were brought together."
DanG say, "yes, fall apart, in the sense that ....like solomon says"
William say, "with the discussion of apocryphal texts"
Chrissy says, "experience is not a "post" event thing. experience and uniqueness cannot be differencitated.So what we do with it is inconsequential to "originality" in that they are two separate things...virtually incomparable.""
DanG say, "describe an apocryphal text"
William say, "a lie"
William say, "falsified"
TaraM say, "but that is just with the reader's view of what he expects from the text...do the texts themselves really fall apart?"
William say, "in some sense, could be the authors that have been changed"
CallenS says, "do they fall apart? They are the exact feeling Calvino wants the reader to have at that moment."
DanG say, "okay.the problems with the material aspects of some of these books that have beginnings....the first one for example is bound incorrectly"
CallenS says, "Therefore, they are successful"
William say, "ahhhh"
DanG say, "the second has blank pages sporadically throughout"
William say, "and the publisher"
William say, "producing wrong texts, unable to correct it?"
DanG say, "yes, the publisher, "
CallenS says, "But the blank pages have meaning. No error there."
DanG say, "i think we also have here is a commentary on the publishing industry"
Marana says, "texts are always on the verge of unraveling, that's what calvino is saying""
William say, "?"
Marana says, "yeah that too""
JerryF says, "down with the publisher!"
DanG say, "we should self-publish"
DanG say, "alright, who morphed into Marana?"
Chrissy says, "the blank page is like a new beginning...right?""
BethanyL says, "Without publishing companies, novels don't get sold"
DanG throws a stone at Marana
William say, "busted"
DavidL says, "could he also be commenting on the advantages of multi-authored texts?"
DanG say, "or is a blank page like a hole in the text?"
Marana marana takes dan's grade sheet and falsifies it...we all get A's
William say, "but they have editors, proof readers, which is interesting to think about the idea of proof with this novel"
DanG rotfls
TaraM say, "sometimes I think we think too much about what is not there"
Chrissy says, "yike..dunno.""
DanG say, "well, this notion of absence feeds right into what Foucault is saying about making the author absent"
BrookeC says, "what's not there hints to what is there...or at least what's missing"
CallenS says, "sometimes I think we are unoriginal in our expectations of closure in a narrative. Mid-sentence can be closure."
DavidL says, "exactly BrookeC"
TaraM say, "i can tell you what is missing....the end of the stories ;}"
William say, "what is not there is always constructed in our imagination"
Marana says, "good point callen""
DanG say, "yeah! i think you are all doing great here"
JerryF says, "if it were up to Calvino, maybe everything(new texts) would be added to a collective open-source pool online and we wouldn't need publishers, we could print our own books - take sections from this text and that..."
CallenS says, "thanks Marana"
Chrissy says, "true...you get wrapped up in what Calvino says because it feels like he tries to include the reader, but there are the things that are absent that could use attention.""
William say, "and is not 'authored', so does not have the possibility of being challenged"
Marana says, "that's a great point william...calvino does hide his authorship""
BethanyL [to JerryF]: "Great idea.
William say, "i was going more along the lines of gaps"
Marana says, "but once you realize his authorship you just end up re-immersing yourself in what he is saying""
William say, "blank pages, holes"
Chrissy says, "I think Calvino is very traditional and is just toying around with us.""
DanG say, "Jerry, excellent point too, isn't that the fear of the publishing industry though, and the music industry, and the film industry?"
Chrissy says, "he's a coward!""
William feels like getting into mob mentality
JerryF says, "where would they make money?"
DanG say, "Chrissy, so he's really supporting the traditional novel?"
Marana says, "i don't think he's supporting or going against the novel""
BethanyL [to JerryF]: "Remember, this is socialism. The Government will pay for it.
DanG yells, "Let's storm the publishing industry!"
Marana says, "but just showing us what the novel"
JerryF says, "Oh yeah."
Chrissy says, "I dunno...it would be a great "game" for him to be playing. "
William is now in mob mentality
Marana says, "limitations are""
William say, "games are everywhere"
Marana looks for a good branch for lynching a publishing exec
William say, "isn't the definition of a game something that has possibilities"
DanG say, "Jerry, that's exactly it, what is happening with open source now, aren't there discussions of Microsoft incorporating it?"
William say, "it isn't set"
Marana says, "what is open source?""
DavidL says, "science has already accepted this open-source stuff... of course the humanities are the last to follow""
BrookeC says, "and a game has limitations"
JerryF says, "the way of the future, man."
William say, "how""
DanG say, "Stephanie, have we left you?"
Chrissy says, "It would be like an author who would write something like this, to write it just because he can,and because the method and style is defining and unique.""
StephanieM says, "no, I'm reading. It's hard to follow and respond all at the same time"
BethanyL says, "I predict a drop in the quality of literature."
DanG say, "so in a way Calvino is establishing himself with a book that everyone will buy"
CallenS says, "Chrissy - do you mean open source?"
William say, "printed? or web based?"
TaraM agrees with Bethany
StephanieM says, "but I do want to go into publishing, so I'm laying low so I don't get lynched"
DanG say, "I agree Stephanie, just wanted to check in"
Marana says, "a general drop in quality..but perhaps an increase in really interesting experimental books""
StephanieM says, "just look how big Calvino's name is on the cover. Bigger than the title"
JerryF says, "Open Source = a utopian idea where people create synergistic works"
TaraM say, "I wonder what is so wrong with giving credit to someone for the work they have done?"
BethanyL says, "Without the incentive of profit, the good writers will leave the industry for one that feeds their families."
William say, "which will define new conventions and give more authors something to work with"
DanG say, "for those of you who went to Riva's talk, is Calvino producing a "late incunabula" is this the other side of what print text has become?"
Chrissy says, "interesting comment about the quality of literature. I don't think that it is going to go down, but more of a revolution where the standards change.""
Marana says, "i don't think that any decent writer is motivated by profit""
StephanieM says, "Who do you mean by the good author's"
DanG say, "Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Maeve Binchy, Turow"
StephanieM says, "rich authors?"
William say, "im not sure. . .I don't think so, but since that was the opening, I guess it is"
StephanieM says, "not good. In my opinion"
TaraM say, "the fact is...you need money to survive.."
Chrissy says, "writers will have a different agenda...not necessarily bad, just a new way of thinking, a type of progress if you will.""
DanG say, "william, to whom/what are you referring?"
DavidL says, "you don't need money to survive... just food and water""
William say, "riva, intro of calvino"
DanG say, "okay"
Marana says, "we had to sacrifice the next formulaic danielle steele novel to allow tons of fresh minds access to a media, that would be a total no brainer""
Chrissy says, "ha!!socialist!""
BethanyL says, "hhhmmm, interesting theory about writers have a different agenda. To bad they can't eat ink and paper for dinner."
DanG lols
BrookeC says, "Rive mentioned changing the standards of academia before an open source could exist. Academics need their names to be recognized for future projects, jobs, grants, etc"
William say, "so can we delete names of the dead?"
DavidL says, "first... humanitarian professors (like Riva) need to understand how their own webs work before they can begin such a big movement like open-source""
Chrissy says, "it never stopped artists who knew they would be poor while they are alive""
William laughs hard
DanG say, "David, I sense a vein of tension towards the humanities"
StephanieM says, "Foucault would say yes. to brooke"
DavidL says, "not humanities... just Riva... his 'mindless video' game comment struck a nerve""
William hides in the corner
TaraM say, "I have to agree with David...in order to represent something well, you should understand how it works"
Chrissy says, "I agree with David...everything has a foundation...for better or worse.""
BrookeC says, "We are dividing artists into what motivates them: money, ideas..."
William hides behind dave
DanG say, "again, it's based on the models we have in place, and the theories we are reading are attempting to create new ways of thinking about what the old models might exclude"
DavidL admits to beinga ba d typist too
Chrissy says, "lol""
BrookeC exhales slowly
William tries to breath but cant
William needs mouth to mouth
DavidL sniffs his freshly brewed tea
DavidL calls paramedics for Billy
DanG say, "I'd like to end our discussion by checking in with each person...speak one at a time, as I call your name"
DanG say, "let's say what, if anything, this discussion gave us"
DanG say, "William"
William say, "I think I have more of an understanding of how other people read this book"
TaraM say, "It has been an enlightening discussion. I realize that I am tied to the old fashioned ideas a little tighter than I thought"
DanG say, "Callen"
TaraM says sorry for going out of turn
DanG say, "remember, there are no value judgements here...this is all material that is in the experimental"
CallenS says, "This discussion was much more frustrating than the book. I had to delete thoughts that were too late. I appreciate gender roles and understanding of narrative better."
DanG say, "no worries"
DanG say, "sorry about the mechanics of the space Callen. it takes some getting used to"
DanG say, "Chrissy"
DavidL says, "can we have a group hug while we wait for Chrissy?""
Chrissy says, "I like to oppose things, just because I like to know what others think. Its fabulous to hear what others care about""
DanG say, "David"
Chrissy says, "you suck""
DavidL smiles
William say, "?""
DanG say, "okay, breathe people"
DavidL says, "i learned how to interpret the novel with a literary point of view""
Chrissy says, "lol""
DanG say, "Bethany"
Chrissy says, "people in the lab think I'm crazy because I keep laughing.""
BethanyL says, "The discussion made me realize that politics and literature are close bedfellows."
DanG say, "people here in the Hilton business center think the same of me Chrissy"
DanG say, "Jerry"
JerryF says, "an appreciation for more traditional chat rooms, a stronger conviction that open-source is the future not only for software, but possibly for literature and art, any work that can be cooperative."
DanG say, "Stephanie"
StephanieM says, "I think the discussion introduced a lot of good ideas about Calvino's narrative, and especially his motivations in writing the book. But, I prefer class discussion, just because it is way easier to stay up with everything. Good opinions everyone."
DanG say, "Brooke"
BrookeC says, "closure :) Guess I have male characteristics! Or at least a starting point for further confusion...there are the female characteristics! definately frustraing setting for discussion, Callen...but the format fits the book! Haven't decided on open-source yet."
DanG say, "Marana"
SolomonR says, "The discussion made me think about how text and real life relate...the ways in which each can be original and unoriginal and how each one can be manipulated""
DanG say, "I think you all did a great job, in a confusing environment. Should we use this medium again sometime?"
BrookeC gives all a group hug and appreciates not having to speak out-loud in class
StephanieM says, "NOOOOOOOOOO"
William say, "yes"
DavidL says, "definately""
StephanieM says, "well, maybe"
CallenS says, "Sure. "
TaraM say, "i would rather not"
Chrissy says, "me too brooke!""
William awaits the second oming
JerryF says, "Steqhanie, you mean MOOOOOOOO"
DavidL says, "i cant smell you guys so the lecture is about a million times better!""
StephanieM says, "hah"
BrookeC says, "oh lord...here we go again!"
DanG say, "okay, we'll play it by ear"
Chrissy says, "hahahahaha!""
SolomonR says, "i like doing class outside the class room""
SolomonR says, "its easier to not space out""
DavidL apologies for his stoopid humor
DanG say, "thank you for your excellent comments, i think we've got a great place to start on Tuesday"
William tells dave to shut his yap
CallenS says, "Have a nice weekend!"
DanG say, "or fall asleep"
BrookeC feels more comfortable sitting ina comfy chair
William say, "thanks everybody, see ya on tuesday"
TaraM good luck on the midterm
StephanieM says, "yes. Everyone have a nice wekkend. And simmer down"
DavidL [to William]: "Chess?
BrookeC says, "see ya! have a good weekend"
You hear a quiet popping sound; BrookeC has disconnected.
William wants to do the midterm here
You hear a quiet popping sound; TaraM has disconnected.
You hear a quiet popping sound; CallenS has disconnected.
DanG say, "yes, much luck on the midterm. you're all gonna do great"
Chrissy says, "bye everyone..hope I wasn't too much of a witch!""
William say, "dave"
You hear a quiet popping sound; BethanyL has disconnected.
You hear a quiet popping sound; SolomonR has disconnected.
William say, "stay here and go to yahoo"
You hear a quiet popping sound; StephanieM has disconnected.
You hear a quiet popping sound; Guest_Guest has disconnected.
DavidL says, "what room on Yahoo?""
William say, "i dont know yet"
JerryF says, "see y'all"
You hear a quiet popping sound; JerryF has disconnected.
DanG waves.

-- End log: Thursday, March 6, 2003 6:34:35 pm CATH CDDC MOO time --

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