We are in the beginning of the digital age, though we will not remain here for long.  Soon digital technology will be replaced with another “advanced technology” just as digital is replacing analogue technology. This may be a significant milestone in the evolution of human progress, but we are not in the clear of the past by any means.  In fact, it is the past that constrains the pace of progress. 

In our digital world, we can search for almost all information known through the internet.   A world of knowledge is at our fingertips. Never before have people been able to access the quantity of information in so little time as we are able to do today, May 13, 2003.   Physical “paper” is no longer necessary; newspapers, reports, books, and journals are read on the screen of a computer.  Is this revolutionary?

The digital age is but a mere step in human progress.  We are still aided by machines, cords, and monitors.  For now, these mediums are sufficient in that we still read, write, comprehend, and move linearly.