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GER 494/598; ENG 494/549; HUM 494
Spring 2003, Daniel Gilfillan



Borges: Garden of Forking Paths - A site devoted to Borges' work, includes references to criticism, influence, biography, etc.

The Garden of Forking Paths - A web-based adaptation of Borges' well-known short story by Vaios Papanagnou.

The Intruder - Another web-based adaptation of one of Borges' stories, "The Intruder."

Cyberculture Studies

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies - Based at the University of Washington, this online resource center has information about upcoming conferences, links to course syllabi, and an online archive of book reviews related to cyberculture.


In Other Words: A Lexicon of the Humanities - Pick up any work on a subject that you have never read before, and you will soon be struck by terms that you either do not understand at all or that you previously understood in a way that seems irreconcilable with the present context.

Jones Encyclopedia of Media and Information Technology - provides over 500 articles and entries covering the history, technology innovations, company milestones, pioneers, and legislation that comprise these fields. This site also includes a dictionary of over 3,000 terms relating to the media, IT, broadband, and telecommunications industries.

Digital Art

Net.art in the Age of Digital Reproduction - This is a transcription of a lecture given by David Ross Director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art at San Jose University March 2 1999 which was broadcast live on the Internet.

Switch - an online journal providing valuable historic documentation of the evolving theoretical and critical discourse within new media. The format hybrid between editorial direction and public discourse provides the right mix for following a rapidly changing field.

Art and Authenticity in the Age of Digital Reproduction - Essay by Julian H. Scaff. Brings Benjamin's essay up to speed on trends in digital reproduction.


Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theory - An overview to many important facets of how cyberspace, hypertext and critical theory interact.

Performance and the Cyborg Body

Stelarc - Australian performance artist.

Orlan - French performance artist.

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