Suzanne W. Dietrich: Selected Publications



Book Cover Image: Fundamentals of Object Databases

Fundamentals of Object Databases:
Object-Oriented and Object-Relational Design

S. W. Dietrich and S. D. Urban,
Morgan Claypool, 2011

Book Cover Image: An Advanced Course in Database Systems

An Advanced Course in Database Systems:
Beyond Relational Databases

S. W. Dietrich and S. D. Urban,
Prentice Hall, 2005

Book Cover Image: Understanding Relational Database Query Languages

Understanding Relational Database Query Languages

S. W. Dietrich, Prentice Hall, 2001

NeuroML Database (

Enterprise Application Integration (Rules, Events, and Streams)

Materialized Views over Heterogeneous Structured Data Sources in a Distributed Event Stream Processing Environment

ADOOD: Active Deductive Object-Oriented Databases

Active Deductive Databases: Condition Monitoring and Maintenance of Materialized Views

Memoing in Prolog


Encyclopedia Articles

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