Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication — ASU

Master of Mass Communication Degree Thesis Projects (MCO593)

directed by Dr. Mary-Lou Galician (1985–present)

Listed chronologically — with candidates’ names and thesis titles

Donna Goyette (May 2005).

Case Studies of the Influence of the Media Myths and Stereotypes Summarized by Dr. FUN’s Mass Media Love Quiz©

Cyrus Lassus (December 2004).

The Evolution of the “Latin Lover” in the Film Roles of Antonio Banderas

Jennifer Hays (May 2003).

Sexual Content in Men’s and Women’s Magazines (2002)

Amber Hutchins (December 2002).

Alcohol Portrayals in the 15 Top-Grossing Films of 2001

Andrea Gerdes (May 2002).

The Skinny on Magazines: The Depiction of Thinness on Women's Magazine Covers

Jyothi Sampat (May 2002).

A Content Analysis of the Treatment of Rape Victims in Three Popular Women's Magazines

Julie Jones (December 2001).

Video Storytelling in a Digital Age: Online Users' Video Preference or Multimedia Journalism

Jennifer Shimkus (December 2000).

Teenzines: The Congruence between Concerns Identified by Content Analyses and the Impacts on Adolescent Female Readers.

Sandra Adler (May 2000).

The Relationship between Teenzines and Adolescent Females’ Expectations.

Janice Davis (May 2000).

A National Survey of Public Relations Programs at ACEJMC-accredited University Programs.

Denise Estfan (May 2000).

The Relationship between the Media Images and Adolescents’ Perceptions of Romantic Love.

Nicole Wilson (May 2000).

Tobacco in Hollywood Movies from 1978 to 1998.

Karen Emery, December 1999.

The Relationship between Television and Movie Portrayals and Children’s Attitudes about Romantic Heterosexual Coupleship.

Peter Bourdeau, May 1999.

Cue the Soda Can: The Evolution of Product Placements in Hollywood Cinema from 1977 to 1997.

Rebecca Crotts, May 1996.

The Relationship between Christian Adolescents Viewing of Music Videos and Their Beliefs about Sexual Violence.

Abbie Fink, May 1996.

The Relationship between Television Viewers’ Soap Opera Usage and Their Attitude about Romantic Relationships.

Paul Mccreath, May 1996.

Local Evening Television News Viewers’ Perception of Good and Bad News.

Susie Kilgard, December 1995.

Wishing Wells and Wedding Bells: The Evolution of the Heroine in Disney Animated Romances.

Holly Rea, December 1995.

On the Road to Redemption: The Portrayal of Richard Milhous Nixon in Newspaper Unsigned Editorial Obituaries.

Connie Watson, December 1995.

Learning from the News: Senior Citizens’ Recall of a Publicity Story in Three Mass Media.

Nachammai Raman, August 1995.

A Comparison of Three Newspapers’ Coverage of the Phopal Gas Leak.

Craig Hendrix, May 1995.

A Comparison of One-way Video and Two-way Video Educational Videoteleconferencing.

Kim McGrigg, May 1995.

A Public Relations Campaign for Maricopa County Rabies and Animal Control.

Diane Pattengill, December 1994.

The Portrayal of Alcoholics and Alcoholism on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Paul Creasman, May 1994.

Uses and Gratifications of Religious Music Radio.

Robert Stieve, May 1994.

Elite Press Editorial Coverage of El Savadore from January 1, 1989, through December 31, 1991.

Joanna Glickler, December 1993.

Policies and Practices of Journalists Regarding Newsrelease Quotations.

Cynthia Hibbard, May 1993.

Humor as a Communication Device in Employee Publications.

David Olsen, May 1993.

Attitudes of the News Media toward Their Own Community Responsibility: A National Survey.

Diane Flitcroft, May 1992.

Vital Signs: A Study of the Attitudes of Metropolitan Phoenix Hospital Chief Administrators toward Public Relations.

Christina Hecht-Schroeder, May 1992.

The Influence of Fashion Magazines on Eating Disorders.

Jyothsna Moudgal, May 1992.

Corporate Child Care: A Public Relations Tool to Enhance the Corporate Image.

Michael Lewis, December 1990.

The Effects of Background Music on Choice Behavior in Advertising: A Classical Conditioning Approach.

Keith Jennings, December 1990.

Television News Producers’ Attitudes towards Good News and Bad News: A National Survey.

Michele Whitaker, August 1990.

The Effect of Bad News on Television Commercial Recall.

Elizabeth Young, December 1988.

A Readership Survey of the Baptist Beacon.

Richard Benner, May 1988.

Four Distinctive Anabaptist Theological Themes on the Editorial Page of the Gospel Herald: 1908–1988.

Barbara Grant, May 1988.

The Current and Future Impact of Personalization and Customization on the Magazine Publishing Industry.

Marsha Foerman, May 1987. (“outstanding graduate student” of graduating class.)

Videocassette Usage by Cooperative Extension Service Home Economists in Four Selected States.

Mary Elizabeth Holguin, May 1986.

Representation and Portrayal of the Elderly in Reader’s Digest Magazine 1955–1985.

Brian Herres (Interim Chair), August 1985.

The New York Times and the Arizona Republic: A Content Analysis of the 1984 Presidential Campaign.

Wendy Marsh, May 1985. (“outstanding graduate student” of graduating class.)

Does Bad News Cause the Human Psyche to Suffer? A Survey of Audience Perceptions.
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