Sailor Research Group


Our group conducts research in the area of Building and the Environment with a focus on interactions between our built infrastructure and the urban climate system. This research has applications in air quality management, building energy consumption, human health, and climate change. All of our work is tighly coupled with the emerging Urban Climate Research Center at ASU

Dr. Sailor

About Dr. Sailor

Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning; Director of the (forthcoming) Urban Climate Research Center; Senior Sustainability Scientist, GIOS; Graduate Faculty, School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Enviornment; Secretary of the IAUC

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Houston AQ Sites

Home Air Project

This EPA-funded project seeks to understand current and future health risks of an older populationto poor air quality and extreme heat and how these risks are influenced by building construction/management, human behavior, and risks of AC and power failures.


LA Simulations

Targeted UHI Mitigation

With funding from the NSF and in collaboration with USC we are exploring the efficacy of targeted urban heat mitigation with a focus on neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles that are particularly vulnerable (hot, poor, and with a significant elderly population).

Targeted Mitigation 


Urban Climate Research Center


Details coming soon!


Research Group Members

Peter Crank (doctoral student in SGSUP); Amir Baniassadi (doctoral student in SSEBE); Jannik Heusinger (visiting student from Technical University of BraunSchweig



Fall 2016: GPH 598: Urban Heat Islands

Spring 2017: not teaching