Write in the right answer. To get help, write in 'help'.

walk, go
draw (imperfective)
bring (perfective)
buy (imperfective)
arrive (imperfective)
work (imperfective)
eat (imperfective)
obtain, get (perfective)
know (imperfective)
read (perfective)
see, observe
think (imperfective)
run, jog (imperfective)
write (imperfective)
take (perfective)
tell (perfective, starts with 'k')
talk (imperfective)
hit, strike (perfective)
start, commence (imperfective)
drink (imperfective)
can, be able to
meet (imperfective)
build (imperfective)
catch (imperfective)
choose (perfective)
cost (imperfective)
crawl, creep (imperfective)
cut (imperfective)
dig (imperfective)
drive (imperfective)
fall (imperfective)
feed (imperfective)
feel (imperfective)
fight (imperfective)
find (perfective)
break (imperfective)
blow (imperfective)
forget (imperfective)
freeze (imperfective)
give (imperfective)
grow (imperfective)
hang (imperfective)
hear (imperfective)
hide (imperfective)
hit (imperfective)
hold (imperfective)