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keep (imperfective)
kneel (imperfective)
set the table (perfedctive)
lead (perfective)
leave (imperfective)
borrow, land (perfective)
permit (imperfective)
lie (imperfective)
loose (imperfective)
mean, signify (imperfective)
pay (perfective)
put (imperfective)
ring (imperfective)
raise (imperfective)
look for, search (imperfective)
sell (imperfective)
send (imperfective)
establish (perfective)
shake (imperfective, non-reflexive)
shine (sun, etc. - imperfective)
shoot (firearms, etc. - imperfective)
shrink (imperfective, reflexive)
close (imperfective)
sing (imperfective)
sink (imperfective)
sit (imperfective)
sleep (imperfective)
stand (imperfective)
swear to or by (imperfective)
swim (imperfective)
teach (imperfective)
tear (imperfective
throw (imperfective)
carry (imperfective)
get, obtain (imperfective)
spend (imperfective)
wake up (imperfective)
hit, strike (imperfective)
jump (imperfective)
spit (imperfective)
lift (imperfective)
give birth to (perfective)
stick (perfective)
separate (perfective, reflexife)
sweep (imperfective)
weep (begins with 'j', imperfective)
swing (imperfective, reflexive)
hurt, make a wound (perfective)