Erin DiMaggio

Ph.D. Candidate in Geological Sciences

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School of Earth and Space Exploration
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Tempe, AZ 85287-1404
office: Interdisciplinary A 121
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- Research in Spain -
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spainThe Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics project is an international and interdisciplinary endeavor
including the Schools of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) and Human Evolution and Social
Change (SHESC), as well as the Departments of Geography, and Computer Science and Engineering
at ASU. This project aims to understand the long-term effects of human-environmental interactions
from the beginning of farming to the beginning of complex civilization (~5500 to 1200 BP). We have
generated important data sets derived from geomorphic mapping and field investigations in the Penaguila basin in southeast Spain (a test site for this project). These data have aided in developing ancient regional landscapes for use in a multi-dimensional environmental modeling to test the consequences of human landuse decisions on Mediterranean landscapes. Further field investigations in the Penaguila will focus on quantifying the magnitude and rate of current and ancient landscape-shaping processes.

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