You will use your CPS transmitter to answer Multiple Choice 
questions during the lecture period.  Some questions will 
just be for practice, or used to measure the initial class 
knowledge of a topic; those questions will have time limits 
of 30-45 seconds.  Other answers will be graded; those 
questions will have time limits of 60 seconds.  You may
always discuss the question with the students seated nearby,
but the answer that you enter should always be your own.
Correct answers will receive 1 point and incorrect answers 
will receive 0.7 points; so there is a very small penalty for
an incorrect answer.  You will need a small hand calculator
to answer some quiz questions; please bring one to each 

                       START DATE

  For the first week, all CPS questions will be considered 
practice questions, as you learn to use your CPS transmitters.  
Beginning MON Jan. 25, at least some CPS questions will be
graded.  Your CPS transmitter will not work properly unless
you have registered it at www.einstruction.com; if your
clicker asks you for a channel number, then it is NOT
properly registered.  The instructions for registering your
CPS clicker and the class codes you need for that registration
are available at our CPS Information page.  IMPORTANT:  The
instructions at CPS Online for registering your clicker are
inadequate; just because your responses are received during
class does not necessarily mean that they will be successfully
passed to my online gradebook.  In order to get properly
registered, you must follow the instructions at our CPS
Information page.


  There are expected to be at least 140 graded CPS questions
over the course of the semester, so about 140 CPS points
will be possible.  However, 125 CPS points (or about 90%
of all possible CPS points should there be more or less
than 140 questions) are all that are required to receive
an overall CPS grade of 100%; i.e. your CPS percentage is
your total CPS points divided by 1.25 with a maximum of
100%.  Your CPS percentage for the semester will count 10% 
of your overall class grade.  

                   CLICKER MALFUNCTION

  Since you only have to get 90% of all possible CPS points
in order to receive a CPS grade of 100%, there are no
make ups for missed CPS questions for any reason.  Exception:
ONCE (and only once) during the semester, you may report to
me by email that you were present in lecture but that you
did not receive the proper amount of CPS points (perhaps
you forgot your clicker or forgot to check the batteries).
Just tell me in the email how many CPS questions you would
have answered and how many of those you would have gotten
correct.  You may only do this ONCE, and I must receive your
email within two school days of the relevant lecture.


NO OTHER. Use of another student's transmitter is a case of 
academic dishonesty, just exactly like cheating on a test. 
Any and all students involved in any such incidents will 
automatically receive an E for the course, and may be 
referred to the Dean for further sanctions.