Turn your clicker on, and then press JOIN, as soon as you come to class. IF YOU TURN YOUR CLICKER ON AFTER A QUESTION HAS STARTED, YOUR ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION WILL NOT BE RECORDED. If your clicker asks you for a channel number, then it is not properly registered; a properly registered clicker will join automatically. You should not have to point the clicker in any particular direction. Questions are typically multiple choice (MC) questions with up to 6 possible answers. Be careful to enter the answer of your choice. After selecting an answer you must hit the send button. After you have sent your answer, look at the computer screen at the front of the classroom; the assigned number for your clicker will have turned from white to blue, indicating that your answer has been received and that it is sensible. Other colors are possible; here is what they mean: A RED X means that you have entered an answer that is not within 1-6. A flash of YELLOW means you have successfully changed your initial answer. A flash of GREEN means that you have reentered the same answer. To TURN OFF your clicker, hold down the POWER button until you see the words POWER DOWN on the LCD screen. You can adjust the contrast on your LCD screen. (1) Press the > button. (2) Use the A1 button to decrease the contrast and the C3 button to increase contrast. As described in the CPS policies, ONCE during the semester I will change your CPS score if you tell me you were present but your CPS score was not recorded properly, either because your batteries were dead or even if you forgot your clicker. Just tell me in the email how many CPS questions you would have answered and how many of those you would have gotten correct. You may only do this ONCE, and I must receive your email within two school days of the relevant lecture. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TRANSMITTER IS IN WORKING ORDER AND THAT YOUR SUBMITTED ANSWERS ARE RECEIVED. If you have any questions about using your clicker that are not answered here, go to CPS Online, login, and use the Technical Support menu option. Enter the live chat room (bottom of that page) for immediate help. You can also reach Technical Support at 888.333.4988. Finally, you can also search for information about your question at kb.einstruction.com.