12/12 All grades were updated today at 11 PM.  The
      overall grade that now appears in our overall
      grades page is your overall grade for the year.
      If your grade has been altered in the past 3
      days, you will not find it in the column of
      grades, but you can still use that column of
      grades to determine your letter grade.  You may 
      send me an email if you have any questions.  
      Letter grades will be uploaded to the University 
      system FRI at noon.  Thanks. GBA

12/05 Rachna is sick today (Reading Day).  Students
      in her recitations may pick up their graded
      Test 3 from Dr. Adams in his office (F423) 
      anytime after 2 PM Wed afternoon.  Thanks. GBA

11/08 Full email capability has now been restored.
      Thanks for your patience.  GBA

11/01 My normal email account is currently experiencing 
      a disruption as of today at about noon.  I am thus 
      using a less convenient alternative until further
      notice.  Mail sent to gary.adams@asu.edu will still
      get through, but my replies may be delayed.  Thanks.

9/30  Hotmail (now owned by Microsoft) appears to be
      no longer accepting emails from some asu.edu 
      addresses.  If you have been using a hotmail 
      address as your destination address at EPO Update, 
      it is possible that you will no longer be 
      receiving emails sent from some ASU computers.  
      Probably, you should consider switching your 
      destination address to gmail.  GBA

8/24  Our PHY101 mailing list is now active.
      The first class email was sent this evening
      at about 8 PM.  If you are not receiving the
      class emails, then you need to fix your
      ASU email at ASU's EPO Update Page.
      Please send me an email after it is fixed.
      Thanks. GBA

8/09  No updates yet.