If your CPS Grades do not appear in my online
gradebook, then either you have not entered your
NAME or your POSTING ID correctly at CPS Online.
To fix the name issue, see the second paragraph
here.  To fix the Posting ID, see the first
paragraph.  Thanks. GBA

  If you forgot to enter your Posting ID, or if
you entered it incorrectly, correction is easy.
Go to CPS Online and login.  You will be taken 
to an Account Information page.  Under My Current 
Classes on the far right there is a link you can 
use to change your Posting ID.  Remember, it must <== Posting ID
consist of four numbers, a hyphen, then three         correction
numbers.  Please don't forget to hit the UPDATE
button after making the change.  Thanks. GBA

  Also, there are usually a few students who do not 
correctly enter their names.  You should use your   <== Name
official ASU first and last name.  To fix this,         correction
after logging in at CPS Online, go 
to Update My Profile.  Thanks. GBA

  If you have not corrected your infomation, 
please do so.  Thanks. GBA