NOTE: Those not registered by Aug 15th, please see (B) 
    below on this web page.  The students in this list 
    were registered by Aug 15th, but have problems with 
    their ASU email accounts.

(A) IF you were registered for the class by August 15th,
    AND there are no problems with your ASU email address:

    Go to WebAssign and follow the instructions below: <== WebAssign opens 
                                                           in a new window

  1. Select Log In
  2. Enter the requested information

     Your "Username" is the part of your official ASU email 
     address which precedes "", with all uppercase 
     letters automatically changed to lowercase.  Also, if
     you have a hyphen in your official ASU email address,
     that hyphen is dropped.  Your official ASU email address 
     is the Directory Address (NOT the Destination Address) 
     at ASU's EPO Update Page.  If you do not have an ASU <==  PLEASE check your
     email account, please visit the Technology Studio in      official ASU email
     the Tempe Campus Computing Commons, Room 105.  As an      address   
     example, for the email address "", 
     the username is "joe.student".  PS. Another place to
     see your official ASU email address is by searching 
     for yourself at the ASU Directory.

     The "Institution" is


     in lowercase letters.

     Your "Password" is your ASU Posting ID in the format


  What if I don't know my POSTING ID?

  3. Select "Purchase an access code online" or else enter the 
     Access Code purchased from the ASU bookstore.  If you do not
     yet have an Access Code, you may temporarily work without one.
     After 7:30 PM Saturday Sept. 1, if you have not entered an 
     access code, all of your work may be irreplaceably lost.

  4. If you wish to change your password, first logout, then
     select "(forgot password?)" and follow the instructions
     there.  You must enter your ASU email address on this
     page; no other email address will be accepted.  NOTE: By 
     using "Settings" (upper right-hand corner) then "Filters" 
     at your ASU gmail account you can always set your ASU 
     gmail account to send all email to your favorite email 
     location.  If you do this, be sure to that you still 
     occasionally check your ASU gmail Inbox and Spam Filter; 
     if they become full, any emails sent to your ASU address 
     will be blocked.


(B)  If you were NOT registered for the class by August 15th.

     Send an email to with the following subject


     The body of your email should contain ONLY the following
     information, each entry on a separate line.

     ASU Posting ID      What if I don't know my POSTING ID?
     Full Name (last, first, middle)
     Official ASU email address

     You must now wait for a response from me, which is 
     guaranteed to come with 24 hours (if you have a spam
     filter in operation, don't forget to check there).
     As soon as you get the response from me, follow
     the instructions in Part (A).  

     What if I get no reply?