12/16 THREE students still have CPS zeros because their
      CPS clicker is not correctly registered.  If you do
      not register correctly by the time of our final exam,
      your CPS grade will be a zero for the year.  This
      will cause some students who would otherwise get B's
      to get C's, and some who would get C's to get D's.
      I cannot fix this for you at CPS Online. Please check
      your Overall Grades at our class web page. If your CPS
      grade is zero, follow the instructions at Fix My
      Registration on our class web page; all your CPS
      grades for the year will then appear the next time
      I update CPS Grades in my online gradebook.
      Thanks. GBA

12/10 The Lab Final grades were posted for an hour, but
      at least one misgraded paper was found.  All Lab
      Final grades have been removed while the grading
      is double-checked.  Thanks.  GBA
12/09 The answers to Test 3 are now available on our class
      web page, just below the "Equation Sheet" link.  GBA

11/18 Several students have requested more practice MC questions.
      As a result, I have added extra MC questions to the practice
      WebAssign assignments for Electric Potential and Electric
      Current; the practice assignments will be available as soon
      as the HW assignments are past their due date.  I will also
      add extra MC questions to some of the other practice 
      assignments for this third part of our course.  Thanks for
      your suggestions.  GBA

10/29 Midterm Warning Grades go out today (WED 10/29); midterm
      warnings were based on the online grades posted on our
      class webpage on OCT 24. Midterm warnings do not appear
      on your transcript or affect your GPA in any way. Midterm E's
      were sent to anyone with an overall average of less than 50
      and midterm D's were sent to anyone with an overall
      average of 50-60. If you get a midterm warning, please see
      your recitation TA to discuss means of improving your
      average during the final third of PHY101. Thanks. GBA

9/29  Early Warning Grades ("Academic Status Report 1")
      go out today.  Early Warning Grades were determined
      using HWs 1-2, Quizzes 1-2, Lab 1, and CPS and
      WebAssign grades through Sept 28.  If you receive
      an Early Warning "U" for Unsatisfactory, then,
      according to my official gradebook, you did not
      attend some combination of Lab 1 or recitations 1-3,
      or else you have not been doing your WebAssign HW
      or your CPS grades are not being passed to my
      online gradebook.  If you cannot figure out why
      you received an Early Warning "U", then please either
      come to my office hours or see your recitation TA
      during their office hours.  Thanks.  GBA

8/21  To find the Class Key that you need to register
      your CPS clicker, go to our CPS Information
      page and follow the Registration links.  
      Labs begin MON Sept 8.  Recitations (the 50-min
      once-a-week class on your 101 schedule) begin
      TUE Sept 2.  Thanks.  GBA