Please, never use your browser's BACK button in the
  middle of an WebAssign session.  The system is
  designed to only move in the forward direction.

    The way things are set up at this time, you will have
  three opportunities to answer each part of each problem.
  To have your answer graded for a single part of a problem,
  fill in only that part and select

          "Submit New Answers to Question ____".

  If a part has been left blank, no submission is charged
  for that part.  Always use three significant figures in
  your numerical answers (unless the program gives other
  instructions for a particular problem).  Numerical
  answers must be correct to within 2%.  NOTE: You can
  always easily tell the number of significant figures
  by thinking about the number written in scientific
  notation; the form *.**E** has 3 sig figs.

  You will receive 10% bonus points for each question
  that you complete more than 48 hours before the
  assignment deadline.

  Approximately 5 minutes after the due date for each 
  assignment has passed, you will find a practice version
  of the assignment available.  You may do this practice
  version as often as you like, but no credit will be