12/11  If you would like more study material for the final
       exam, this year's keys are now available at the Canon
       Production Center in Noble Library.  There are two
       packets from which to choose; you may ask for the
       Test 5 Key only, or you may ask for All Fall2008 Keys,
       which contains the keys for all five tests from this
       semester.  GBA

11/09  Error on Old Test Key.  For problem 2 on Test 4, there
       is an error in the written solution.  For the selected
       direction of dl as drawn on the figure, the angle 
       between dl and the vector vcrossB is 180 degrees, not
       zero degrees.  The final expression is not affected,
       because the absolute value was requested.  GBA

10/29  Midterm Warning Grades go out today (WED 10/29); midterm
       warnings were based on the online grades posted on our
       class webpage on OCT 23. Midterm warnings do not appear
       on your transcript or affect your GPA in any way. Midterm E's
       were sent to anyone with an overall average of less than 45
       and midterm D's were sent to anyone with an overall
       average of 45-55. If you get a midterm warning, please see
       your recitation TA to discuss means of improving your
       average during the final two-fifths of PHY131. Thanks. GBA

09/30  Early Warning Grades ("Academic Status Report 1")
       went out today.  Early Warning Grades were determined
       using the Overall grades posted in my online
       gradebook on Sept 28.  If you receive the message
       "Missed Assignments", it means that either your
       MP or CPS grade is zero in my online gradebook;
       please see Fix My Registration on our CPS Info page
       or your MP homepage to remedy the situation.  Thanks.
       If you receive the message "Poor overall performance",
       then your Test 1 grade was below 35; you will need
       to be able to drop that low score in order to have
       a reasonable chance of passing.  Please go either to
       your TA office hour or to my office hours to discuss
       study strategies for improving your test scores.
       Thanks. GBA

09/10  The Old Tests from Fall 2007 (with Solutions) are 
       now available in the Canon Production Center in
       Noble Library.  The room number of the Production
       Center is 280; it is in the extreme SW corner of
       the 2nd floor.  The cost to you is $1.50; you 
       must pay with either EXACT CHANGE or with a
       credit or debit card.  The Production Center is
       open 9-5 on M-F.  Thanks. GBA

08/26  Some misprints in the dates on the paper version
       of the reading schedule have now been corrected
       in the online version.  Thanks.  GBA

08/25  The CPS programming on ASU computers was upgraded
       between Second Summer Session 2008 and the start
       of the Fall 2008 semester.  If you purchased your
       CPS clicker prior to this time, you will probably
       need to upgrade the software within your clicker.
       Please see the "Upgrading Clicker Software" page
       within our CPS Information page.  Thanks.  GBA

08/12  No Updates Yet