12/02  My extra office hours this FRI will be held
       from 3:00-5:00 PM in PSF-462.

10/27  My WED office hours today will meet as usual;
       the possible delay will not occur.  Thanks.
10/26  My WED office hours this week may possibly be
       delayed by an hour and 20 minutes because I may
       need to give a lecture for another instructor
       WED afternoon.  In any event, the room (F306)
       will be available to your study group, and I 
       will be there no later than 4:50 PM.  Thanks.

10/11  At least some of the Fall 2009 Old Test packets
       purchased by students from the PrintU have some
       of the pages out of order.  The first free response
       problem for Test 2 Fall 2009 concerns a parallel-
       plate capacitor with a dielectric slab; problems
       2 and 3 (concerning potential) are on the reverse
       of this page.  Thanks and sorry for the mix-up.
 9/29  There was a misprint in Part (b) of the original
       version of the turn-in problem E2; that misprint
       was corrected today at 4:30 PM.  The corrected
       text reads "find an expression for the potential
       at r_i subtracted from the potential at r_f".
       In the misprinted version, r_f and r_i were
       incorrectly reversed in position.  I apologize
       for any confusion this misprint might have
       caused.  Thanks. GBA

 9/14  Because some parts of the ASU Campus experienced
       intermittent internet connectivity between 6 PM
       and 9 PM on TUE night, the deadline for HW5 was
       extended until 11:59 PM WED night.  Thanks. GBA

 9/07  The Old Tests from Fall 2009 (with Solutions) are
       now available in the Print U in the basement of
       the MU (across from Jamba Juice).  The PrintU is
       open 9-5 on M-F and accepts cash only.
       Thanks. GBA

 8/18  No Updates Yet