This problem is due at your first recitation meeting after Wed 11/17.
     The problem should be written on a single sheet of paper (front and back), 
     or if multiple sheets are used, staple them together.  For full credit,
     the work must be neat, with clearly labeled diagrams.  The labels must
     be in BOTH words and symbols.  For each part of the problem, you must 
     BRIEFLY explain your strategy in words, as well as neatly showing your 
     physics equations and math, with proper units. 

            Problem from Halliday and Resnick - 2nd Ed - Chapter 33

            12.  The figure for this problem is Figure 30.11 with
                 EMF = 10.0 V, R = 6.70 Ohms, and L = 5.50 H.  With S2 open,
                 S1 was closed at time t = 0.  The subsequent current as a
                 function of time t was then given by 

                            I(t) = (EMF/R)(1-e^(-Rt/L))

                 (in about one week we will learn how to derive this
                 equation for the current as a function of time).

                 (a) At t = 1.00 s, what are the rates at which energy 
                 is being stored in the magnetic field, thermal energy 
                 is appearing in the resistance, and energy is being 
                 delivered by the battery?  (16 points)
                 (b) How much energy is delivered by the battery during 
                 the first 2.00 s (HINT: integrate the power of the 
                 battery over the first two seconds)?  (10 points)
                 (c) How much of this energy is stored in the magnetic 
                 field of the inductor?  (7 points)
                 (d) How much of this energy is dissipated in the resistor?
                 (7 points)