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101 Syllabus - Fall 2013

     PHY-101 is an introductory physics course for students with no background in physics and a limited background in mathematics. Students are assumed to know some limited physical science and elementary algebra.

     The main topics of PHY-101 are Newton's Laws of Mechanics, Conservation of Energy, and Basic Electromagnetism. A detailed list of topics can be found on the lecture schedule which accompanies this syllabus.

     The textbook is Conceptual Physics Fundamentals by Paul G. Hewitt (Pearson Addison-Wesley 2008). Reading assignments are keyed to this textbook. Labs are available for free download on our course website.  Also required is a Turning Point transmitter (available at the bookstore) or Turning Point ResponseWare software. The online homework system for this course is WebAssign.  WebAssign access cards are available from the ASU Bookstore (in the Physics section, find a xeroxed WebAssign sheet which is marked PHY101 and carry that to the check-out register); alternatively, WebAssign access may be purchased online with a credit card.

The full text of the syllabus is also available as a pdf file.

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