NOTE:  In reporting the averages from the tests we drop
       the lowest scores.  This is because the lowest
       of the three tests will be weighted half as much
       as the other two in the final averaging.  This
       half-weighting is equivalent to dropping 1/6th 
       (or 16.7%) of all test scores.  In comparing your
       average with the class average you need to compare
       with an average which is representative of the
       final average.  Dropping the lowest scores before
       reporting the average is one way of ESTIMATING the
       effect of the final drops.  These posted test
       averages are not used in any way in computing the
       final overall class average.  GBA

1st test 

         179 students took test 1 Multiple Choice
            142 students earned 4.0 or more points

                for those 142 the average was 7.92/15 or 52.8%

       Test 1 MC scores

2nd test

         158 students took test 2 Multiple Choice

            124 students earned 4.5 or more points

                for those 124 the average was 7.87/15 or 52.5%

       Test 2 MC grades

3rd test

         141 students took test 3 Multiple Choice

            114 students earned 4.0 or more points

                for those 114 the average was 46.0%

       Test 3 MC grades


      For the 135 students who took the final and had
      also earned 1300 or more HW points, the final
      exam average is 

                  23.64 out of 40, or 59.1%.

       Final Exam grades


  135 students took the 3 MC tests, plus the final
      exam, and had more than 1300 HW points.

     For those 135 here are the averages:
                       %      points

         HW          86.25   12.08

       Exercises     93.38    4.67

        Quiz         65.98    3.96

         TP          89.04    4.45

        test         48.97   24.49 
        exam         59.11   11.82

     overall                 61.5  final average

    The details of the final grade scale were primarily
determined by the presence of gaps in the grade distribution.
Here is that final grade scale.  

      below 36.1    E
      36.1 - 45.0   D
      45.0 - 60.9   C  (above 56.9 is C+)
      60.9 - 73.3   B  (below 62.1 is B-, above 68.6 is B+)
      above 73.3    A  (below 75.5 is A-, above 91.8 is A+)

Letter grades were assigned strictly according to this
scale.  The highest E is 34.7, the lowest D is 36.1;  the
highest D is 44.1, the lowest C is 45.0;  the highest C
is 60.2, the lowest B is 60.9; the highest B is 72.0,
and the lowest A is 73.4.  The smallest gap between
levels is 0.7 points between C to B.

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